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Batta the Hutt

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim

NAME: Batta
FACTION: Not sure yet, but leaning Black Sun
RANK: Slaver
AGE: 135
GENDER: Hermaphrodite with Masculine Tendencies
HEIGHT: 1.7m
EYES: What color eyes does your character have?
HAIR: Black(mustache)
SKIN: Brown


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+The Force: Batta has it.
+Mentalist: In addition to Batta being naturally immune to mind tricks as a Hutt, his gift in the Force is primarily effecting the minds of others, making them more prone to suggestion and perhaps with more strength and training even dominating minds, though that is far in the future
+/-Size: While Batta is of the heavier persuasion, he actually prefers self-locomotion opposed to be being carried by slaves or a hover chair. Thus while he is very large and very strong, he isn't quite as fat as other hutts, and is thus a bit more nimble while slithering around.
-Speed: Batta, while quite a bit faster than most hutts, simply does not have the speed or maneuverability a common humanoid does.
-Hair: While not really damaging Batta from a humanoid perspective, Hutts see hair growth as a mutation of a 'lesser' sort, and usually persecute him for his abnormal growth
-Food: Batta loves it, and it can be distracting at times. Not to say he loves it as much as most in his species, but he still loves it.


Batta was born a huttlet of the Kajidier Kajidic, and grew up learning the family business on the wonderfully spice and drug paradise of Zeltros. However, unlike the rest of his clan he did not enjoy merely trafficking the drugs and slaves and other such nastiness, but instead enjoyed the society of Zeltros itself. He got caught up in the fast-paced life of drugs, lights, and ladies, finding himself rather entranced in the art of convincing women to join him with his words and actions, rather than brute force and chains. Eventually his antics proved too much, and his clan deserted him, disowning him and his name, forcing him to venture out into the Galaxy himself and find his own source of income to support his extravagant lifestyle.






Warden of the Ice
Good show.
Slavery is illegal on Zeltros but I suppose that's what makes it profitable.
If you do end up deciding to join the Suns, we'll be happy to have you. Kraxon, our other slaver, is quite lonely at the moment.