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Basking in the glory of Life.

Solar Gardens restaurant
Nubian Palace Resort

Marcus sat at a table outside the restaurant sipping some tea and admiring the feel of the warm sun against his face. The exiled Sith Lord wore a nice suit doing a little people watching while he waited on on a light lunch to arrive. He had been cooped up in his ship for so long he thought he was going to lose his mind. It was nice to get out every now and then.

Besides the rise of a few pseudo-new governments and orders popping up across the galaxy had him more than curious. Marcus himself had not flown a government's flag since he walked away from the One Sith. Part of him wondered what his old comrades in arms had been up to. Then again he had long gotten over the constant stick measuring the inevitably resulted from more than one Sith being in the same room together.

Marcus had for a long time been someone who saw the wisdom in working together towards a common goal. In his youth Marcus had been an instrument of war hopping from battlefield to battlefield. It was something he would not be against going back to again. Peace and been fun. Kicking up his feet for almost a decade had been very relaxing. However he had gone restless and a restless Sith was never a good thing. Sith needed conflict, they needed strife, and they needed a purpose.

He would enjoy a little time in the sun and a good meal. Then perhaps he would seek out a renewed purpose in life. A new battle to fight and a new war to impact.

anya had split off from her friend a bit, she had enough money to treat herself, rather then go to the bar she saw it necessary to go to a palace resort...for some reason the felt a pull there and just knew that she needed to head there.

as she paid and entered it was around lunch, she headed to a nice restraunt. however she felt a great pull, her eyes focused on a man she seemed to remember in the back of her head, with a gasp she whispered to the person that was gonna set her, he nodded and simply handed her a menu as she walked up to [member="Vengeance"] and gave a smirk as she motioned to the chair across from him

may a lady have a seat with a gentleman?
Zesiro felt like she was out place on Nubia. However, in the back of her mind, something told her she needed to be here. Was it intuition or the Force, either way, neither one had lead her wrong before so she followed her instinct.

Emotions swelled within her as she walked through the streets. Those of herself and the people around her. While normally a more peaceful location, there was still pain and suffering there. She drew in the anger and hatred around her, allowing it to fill her full.

Her appearance caught eyes and turned heads. Just the base act of her movement caused people to react. Nobody dared approach her though. Zesiro walked with the grace of a cat, had the beauty of an angel and the soul of a demon. She drew on the lust she brought to the men folk and jealousy of the women. Simple people with simple needs and desires. What use did she have for them? They were food to be had, all she needed to do was notice them. They were not why she here was though, that reason had yet to make itself known.

So she moved through the streets, passing the people and ignoring them. There, near to her, an aura called. She stopped moving and looked.

A man ten years or so her senor sat at an outside table. The restaurant a fine one, but he was dressed for the locale. A woman stood next to him, appearing to ask if she could sit and join him. Zesiro narrowed her eyes at this. Nothing would stop her from finding out what about this man called her to this planet.

[member="Anya Loma"] [member="Vengeance"]
Just as Anya Loma spoke a waitress arrived with his food. Turning to the woman Marcus smiled thanking her before she walked off. Marcus took a sip of his drink and tried his food not yet giving his former apprentice any acknowledgement. After a few minutes he would finally look up at [member="Anya Loma"] a rather blank expression on his face.

"So you are still alive. I guess I would be offended if you had gone off and gotten yourself killed. Considering I did help train you."

Marcus took a bite of his food before glancing over his shoulder towards [member="Zesiro"] and shaking his head. The young ones never were all that good at blending in. Or controlling their presence. After a minute Marcus looked back towards Anya taking another sip of his tea.

"So which is it? You come here for answers or for payback?"

Marcus set his drink down and leaned back in his chair slightly his right forearm resting on the arm rest and his left hand resting on his thigh up by his hip.
Zesiro knew she had somehow been seen by [member="Vengeance"] though she was not very close to him yet. He shook his head and looked at her for at least minute before turning his attention back to the woman still standing next to the chair across from him.

She was nowhere near close enough to hear what was said, but saw him speaking to her.

Continuing on her path, Zesiro walks closer to the restaurant. She almost wonders if they were bar her from entering.
[member="Vengeance"] [member="Zesiro"]

She offered a chuckle at his words, she looked to a waitress and ordered a simple drink and fries for the moment before she looked back to vengeance with a smirk

you have trained me well master, it would take soemthing strong to extinguish the fire in me that you have helped grow

She spoke the truth of course, she looked out to the crowd following his gaze and simply only gave a laugh as she looked back to him speaking in a questioning tone

why payback? You taught me to stand for myself and not to be pushed over by anything weaker and to face any challenge, I owe my life and thanks. As for answers well yes I am curious where you have gone...whey you left me and the child behind...
Marcus cocked an eyebrow.

"The child? Are you beginning to doubt whether or not he is actually mine?"

He smirked reaching for his drink taking a sip.

"I don't know what I find more amusing the fact you think I owe you any explanation for anything or the fact that you don't know the answer."

Marcus set his drink back down.

"But luckily for you amusement is my first reaction. So tell me what is the worst thing a predator can do.........can become?"

[member="Anya Loma"] [member="Zesiro"]
Zesiro watched as the woman turned and looked at her as well. Her eyes still slightly narrowed. Coming out of her reverie, she decided to try and gain entrance to the restaurant these two were in.

The door was opened almost reluctantly by the doorman, but he allowed her to enter. A hostess walked up and would lead her to a table near the other two, also outside. Close enough she could hear what was being said if she really tried.

Zesiro took a look at the menu and placed her order after her water was delivered. Waiting now, she sat watching the people pass by on the street.

While she did not know what to think of the couple sitting not far from, she knew at least the reason she was here was this man. What he might be able to do was beyond what she could think of. The woman was a mystery. Part of the code that puzzled the young sith.

[member="Vengeance"] [member="Anya Loma"]
[member="Zesiro"] [member="Vengeance"]

She gave Her own smirk as she took a drink of her drink that had just arrived along with her fires

I don't doubt he is yours though that would open the question as if you claim him as your own

She could play his game or what she thought was a game, either way she knew this was amusing to him and honestly to herself some

did I say you owed me a thing? I merely said in curious where you had gone for such a long time. Now as for what the worst thing a predator can do...and can become, the worst thing a predator can do is slip up when stalking the prey and in turn the worst thing it can become is the prey

She said as she ate the hot fry her eyes glancing over at [member="Zesiro"] briefly and then back to vengeance
Marcus shook his head.

"Become complacent. The worst thing a predator can do is become complacent."

Marcus sighed.

"Prey will always be prey but if the predator becomes complacent then the prey is able to escape or worst case injure the predator in the process. You became complacent little one. You got comfortable in the day to day. You let your feelings for me make you soft."

Sipping his drink Marcus paused for a moment.

"You lost that killer edge and admittedly so I was losing it as a result. You needed the experience of having to survive on your own to either bring it back or die trying. Without you around I no longer needed to old back."

Marcus glanced at the new eavesdropper before continuing.

"A lesson you seemed to have failed. Instead of being out conquering the galaxy you are here at a resort, instead of being here trying to take my throne from me you have been lured into a false sense of security having lunch like two old friends. In this moment you are probably the least Sith like of every Sith I have ever encountered."

[member="Anya Loma"] [member="Zesiro"]
Zesiro sat close enough to hear the conversation between the two of them now. She also knew they noticed her. So far only glances had been sent her way, but as she eavesdropped, the conversation got even more interesting that she had thought it would be.

They were Sith. No wonder she had been called here, if what the man was saying true. Not only was he Sith, but he was powerful one. He also appeared to be chastising the woman sitting with him. Zesiro chuckled to herself slightly before she stood up and walked over to them.

"Saying the word Sith in some places is quite dangerous."

She drew the last word out slightly when spoke as she looked down at [member="Vengeance"] and [member="Anya Loma"].

"Perhaps I should join as well. Keep this between just us."

Her blue eyes looking at them both again, Zesiro pulled one of the chairs out and sat down between them.
[member="Vengeance"] [member="Zesiro"]

Hurt? Very so, but his words like most times rang true however she didn't believe them...some of them, true she had lost that edge it had dulled plenty

I will admit yes I have dulled and I have allowed myself to do so and I have no excuse for it. But who do you call me to be less of a sith when your doing the same? Are you not being hypocritical? You know you know not the work I've done sinve youve left

She said and looked to the new person as she chuckled and shook her head as she sat back

why, this was a simple conversation between us...but I suppose if he doesn't mind

She said and gave a smirk to him as she took a drink
Marcus smirked with a chuckle.

"You think to judge me now............think my instincts have dulled. Surely you have not forgotten all your teachings. Like how a lamb appeared to be staked out to slaughter is never what it seems. You child are not the reason I am here and you know nothing of my intention. However if you wish to test my resolve I encourage you to try."

Marcus turned to look at Zesiro.

"And you. It is not the word that is dangerous but the person who dares to utter it without fear or reservation that is dangerous."

His eyes would shift from their normal color to yellow, then orange, before light red as he seemed to stare into her very soul.

"What name should I carve on your tombstone? I don't remember inviting you to interrupt my meal much less sit down."

Marcus paused.

"Choose your words carefully for they may very well be your last."

[member="Anya Loma"] [member="Zesiro"]
Watching carefully the play between [member="Anya Loma"], herself and [member="Vengeance"], Zesiro realized she likely went about approaching them the wrong way.

As his eyes changed different shades of color, Zesiro tried to pull away, cringing in her seat. This man was probably the most dangerous person she had come across yet. And like a stupid school girl, she had decided to blunder into this.

"I am Zesrio."

For once, her natural charm that always caught people's attention wilted away under his gaze. Her blue eyes showing how scared she was.

"I'm sorry. Though your words are true. An untrained person can be dangerous."

Her voice was as meek as she felt and Zesiro still wanted to crawl under the chair and get away from his gaze. Putting on a brave face, she sat up in her chair and faced the Sith Lord. Her actions were her own and she knew someday a fatal error was going to be made. Today may just be that day.

"I can leave by your wish."

If he struck her down, that was his choice too, but Zesiro left that unspoken.​

She gave A smirk as she listned to his words, both the girls and his most importantly, she took another sip

true I know nothing of your intentions nor why your here but I'm sure you'll be interested in what I know, I have been able to gain the trust of a for your teachings I coudlnt of made it this far without them...and I keep that code uttered each and every night

She said as she looked to the girl seeing her fear, she couldn't help but smile, that fear felt amazimg radiating from her...poor girl was scared out of her wits
Marcus listen and watched [member="Zesiro"] quake in fear. I smile forming on his lips.

"You reek of that supposed to make you dangerous. Is that supposed to impress me. The untrained are clumsy and foolish. If you are going to be sold bold and brash as to interrupt a Sith you better do it with something more to bring than fear. So tell me while you still have breath in your lungs why I should spare your life."

As he spoken those words Marcus reached out through the Force focusing on Zesiro compressing the air around her slowly like a serpent slowly attempting to squeeze and crush it's prey. His gaze never left her he didn't move as he attempted to crush the life out of the interloper. It was rude of her to have interrupted his conversation but it was truly dangerous to have shown such fear to a being that feed on it like a flower fed on sunlight. For the moment Marcus ignored Anya but he was sure his former Apprentice would see and realize what was going on.

[member="Anya Loma"]
Zesiro was a mere acolyte to the whole scheme of things. She understood Sith fed on fear, used it enhance their powers. However, she didn't quite have full control of her own most of the time.

Feeling the pressure of his gaze and the Force crush he was imposing on her, her fear spiked and that lead to her anger kicking in. She lacked the strength in the Force to break his crush on her, but that wasn't what she needed to do. Giving him a perfectly level stare, her own blue eyes started to take on only a slight yellow hue.

"Because I was drawn to you like a moth to a flame."

It likely sounded just as lame to [member="Vengeance"] as it did to her, but it was the truth.

[member="Anya Loma"]
[member="Zesiro"] [member="Vengeance"]

He stopped talking to her, but to her amusement she saw him now focus on that...rude girl, she scoffed at her as she ate her fries with a hum. This was so fun to watch her trembling in fear under vengeance, fear she fed off of as she

Once she heard the girls words she coudlnt help but smirk and laugh, a moth to a flame? Hah! A moth to a flame would sometimes be consumed on the fire and burnt...least she thought so as she observed her

oh I feel a little anger in her...shes maaaad heheheh oh so much fun
Marcus blinked and then burst out laughing losing his concentration and his grip on Zesiro.

" just really say you were drawn to me like a moth to a flame? That..............that."

Marcus had to take a minute to compose himself before he could speak again.

" the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard."

He turned to Anya.

"Anya dear we can discuss your proclivity for sleeping with the enemy later. For now tell me what do you think of our little moth here. Shall we introduce her to flame or send her on her way?"

[member="Anya Loma"] [member="Zesiro"]
Her statement had done what she hoped it would do. While being extremely silly sounding and quite dangerous as being the moth drawn, she could have been burned by the flame she was sitting next to.

Taking a deep breath, she sat back, but did not relax. Not in the slightest.

She looked on Vengeance before answering his question, waiting until he was done laughing before speaking. The combined laughter of him and Anya started to infect her and a small smirk crossed her face.

"Yes, I did just that."

Zesiro had no idea of their names or what to call them so just left it at that.

She sincerely hoped not to be introduced to the flame again she also hoped to not get sent away.

[member="Vengeance"] [member="Anya Loma"]

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