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Barrien Siegfried

Norrin Fisck

Barrien Siegfried of House Siegfried


NAME: Barrien Malfus Siegfried
FACTION: The Republic Remnant
RANK: Baron/Jedi Knight
SPECIES: Human/Echani
AGE: 25
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: 185 lbs
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Dark Brown
SKIN: He is a tanned caucasian.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ Gifted: Barrien is gifted in the Force beyond that of most of his people. It in someways made him an outcast, but his strength has allowed him to seek to aid his people.

+ Gregarious: He is very good with people and a skilled linguist. A friend person by nature, he has no trouble making friends.
- Past: Barrien is haunted by a particular event in his past that threatens to turn him away from his path of righteousness.
- Allergies: He is allergic to both Bacta and Ryll Kor, meaning he must seek a Force Healer or heal naturally if injured.

Though he is a humble individual, he often appears in armor. Not because he intends to seek battle, but because it feels comfortable to him. Armor was a regular occurrence on the world he comes from. He generally wears his hair close cropped so it's out of the way, and he possesses a scar that cuts from left brow to right cheek, stopping just above his beard line.

Barrien hails from the world of Oaken Dawn, a world situated out on the outer rim that sees next to no planetary traffic. A member of one of the many Houses that control the world, he has risen to the rank of Baron, despite being a bastard child. On this world, technology is archaic at best, backwards and non-existent at most. Farming is largely done by hand and the people of the world lead simple lives. In years past, a Jedi came to the world by pure happenstance. His name was Kamon Vondiranach. He found the world much to his enjoyment, and relished interacting with the people.

In some cases he interacted too much.

Before leaving the world to continue his quest, he impregnated a woman, that was also a member of House Siegfried. In the end she was shamed for her act, but the child was accepted into the House nonetheless as there were no sons that had been born for many years. Barrien was lucky. He grew up somewhat priviliged, but always spent his time running around with the normal villagers rather than his own family. This was mostly because there weren't any kids around his age in the House.

Eventually the Empire came and settled a garrison on the world, leaving them under Imperial rule, even though they did not wish for it. Many sons and daughters were drafted into service, but Barrien was too young at the time. He continued to grow up, and was giving Baronship of a small village, which kept him busy. He learned from his mother who his father was. His mother had been cast from the family because of her actions, but he still cared for her deeply and took care of her as she began to succumb to an illness that swept in on an Imperial vessel. He tried his hardest to help her, and it was in this trying that he discovered his ability to touch the Force.

In a moment of shear agony, he was opened up to his abilities, and watched from within the Force as his mother slipped away into the afterlife. He could see everything within her as her body slowly stilled and succumbed. In a fit of anger and hurt, he fled his home into the woods. There he ran into a scout trooper making his rounds. The trooper was slaughtered mercilessly, but in the end this didn't make him feel better, it made him feel horrified. He hurriedly cleaned in a stream and returned to his home to see to the funeral rites of his mother.

Eventually he secured passage with a group of mercenaries known as the Red Eye Armada. These individuals stood against the Empire, but were few and were made up entirely of offworlders. Barrien left to seek training so that he could help his people and remove the Imperial menace from his world.




To Ilum we must go... - Collecting crystals with his Master, Corvus Raaf.

Rains of Contruumere - Battle against first Vaulkhar and then Bix Slisia.
Heralds of Isolation - While in his cell on Neimoidia, he is confronted by a curious Sith.
The Pits of Neimoidia - After being captured by Bix, Barrien is sold to a slaver and forced to fight in the pits.
Operation Black Knight - Rescuing Spencer from the grasps of the One Sith.
Fun with Twinder - Tricked by friends into a date with Ms. Roberts.
A Visit to Alderaan - Purchasing Phrik and crafting a saber pike and shield.
Why do we fall? - Barrien explores the philosophy of the Force with Grandmaster Raaf.
Wolves on Lothal - While searching for the Temple on Lothal, Barrien and others encounter the First Order.
Sorry I shouted... - Barrien undergoes his trials with Grandmaster Raaf.

A Walk Among Gods - Barrien takes his new apprentice, Roshki, to Val'halla in search of the trail of a new slave trade, but encounters the Templars.
Saber Academy - Teaching the art of Shii-Cho and Soresu.
Together We Can Be Justice - Teaching the art of saber and shield combat.
Capitalist With A Gun - The Mandalorians invade Roche.
Fiat Justitia, Ruat Caelum - With the disappearance of the Grandmaster, a new Grandmaster is installed.
And Mandalore Will Answer - Barrien travels to the blackaded world of Alderaan to assist in maintaining the peace during a time of trouble.
A Broken Circle Must Be Reforged - Barrien and the remaining Jedi Order types band together to start anew.
In Times Of Certain Danger - Barrien returns to the world of the Jedi after a hiatus attempting to resch Oaken Dawn. He joins the Jedi on Ciomia.
Making An Example - Barrien and Lilla Syrin investigate the church of the Force on Ylesia and determine that Republic officials have been illegally brainwashing the populace.
Because Reasons - The Mandalorians invade the Republic world of Teth, leaving Barrien to protect younglings from danger.
The Past Revisited - Several outsiders come to the new Jedi temple on Orenda to meet with the Jedi of the Republic.
Is the future set in stone? - Barrien is called to Jazbina to assist thr Echani in negotiations, but finds more than he bargained for.
Our Last Best Hope For Peace - At Myrkr the Republic and Mandalorians convene to discuss peace and trade, but talks quickly become heated and Barrien steps in as mediator.
Cast Down Your Crowns - Encountering the Mandalorians while hunting down a ring of sex traffickers, Barrien bumps into a friend and her little sister.

Norrin Fisck

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