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Baobab Merchant Fleet / Baobab Family {Intrest check}

Havicl Baobab

The Baobab family was one of the galaxy's oldest and most affluent clans. Hailing from the planet Manda, the Baobabs had become known for both the Baobab Archives and their Baobab Merchant Fleet, one of the finest trading flotillas in the galaxy. Notable members of the Baobab family included Mungo Baobab, "Old Ogger" Baobab, Ebenn Q3 Baobab, Pookie Baobab, and the father of droidspeak, Yperio Baobab.
The Baobab Merchant Fleet was a trading fleet organized many years before the rise of the Galactic Empire. Possessing a reputation as one of the finest merchant fleets in the galaxy, the Baobab family used its clout to establish the Baobab Archives, an extensive repository for all sorts of knowledge.
Of note is the fact that the Bocce language was developed for use in the Baobab Merchant Fleet, as the organization employed aliens of numerous races and needed a common method of communication.
After the rise of the Galactic Empire, hard times fell on the Baobabs as they attempted to prevent their fleet from becoming Imperialized, much as the once-powerful Trade Federation had been. The Baobab family seemed to dread the thought of their heir, Mungo Baobab, taking over the business and leading them into ruin. Much to their surprise, he led not only the fleet but the Baobab name into the annals of history through the discovery of the lost Roonstones.
Many historical figures, all part of the Baobab family, owned the fleet at some point, including Mungo and Ebenn Q3 Baobab.
The Baobab Merchant Fleet logo was a stylized family crest crossed by two rainbow comets.
I always wanted to make something more of these vague stubs than what is already there. Time and time again I was brought back to the Baobab Family and their Merchants. The creators of the Bocce Language which became a widely used Trade Language across the Galaxy.

There was always much more potential for the Baobab Family and their story than what they were given. A few poorly written comic books during the height of the Star Wars craze when it first came out. I believe that this idea deserves more and is a worth while project to spend time on and expand.

It is for this reason that I am looking to find those that would share in the same thought. To take an already established Canon idea that wasn't given much light and only the most minimalist of setups and take it further. To develop the idea and turn it into something that would be truly unique and story driven. We have so many writers of such a caliber that I know we as a community of roleplayers can breath new life into this idea and help it thrive.