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Baktoid Industrial Systems ( Demo Page)

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Baktoid Industrial Systems

Baktoid Industrial Systems is the holding corporation for a variety of Subsidiaries. We sell everything from the common household droid to Starships of impressive size. You won't find a company that pushes markets and boundaries as much as Baktoid.


Baktoid Combat Automata
Baktoid Armor Workshop
​Baktoid Fleet Ordnance
Xr Mining
Sasori Research
Praestigiae Shop
Archangel Research and Design ( recently bought out )



Expedition Class Crusier
Baktoids very first in a long time foray into the starship business. It is meant for fleet action against starfighters.
Electronic Electronic Cybernetic Enhancements
Allows one to intereact directly with computers and droids. It also includes the optical implant and enhances one's sight.
XR-01 Anti Personel Pressure Sensitive Thermal Detonator
A thermal detonator designed to counter force users.
Sentinel Class Droid Defender
A droid starfighter/walker designed with Sinear fleet systems
Droid TIE Fighter
A droid TIE fighter made with Sinear Fleet Systems
Obelisk Array
A satellite used in to propagate the Holonet
Cybernetic Optical Implant
An implant that allows one to better interact with fighters and guns, and increases one's vision.
Naga Starfighter
The fastest commercial Starfighter available sporting an modest armament.
Naga Troop Carrier
Baktoids first foray into land warfare in the near future and built for the Confederacy.

Baktoid's newest tank, built to blast your opponents to submission.​
Distorts your size on enemy sensors, Appear bigger or smaller than you are!​
Jam the enemies sensors!​
Locations: Munulest, Duros, Kamino, Balmorra, Bal'Demnic, Obredaan, Hypori, DruckenWell, Corellia, Wren'goa station ( massive space station right outside Hypori), Bastion, Atrisa, Tython, Courscant, Spero, Khomm,Lehon
"Can I get two Electronic Cybernetic Enhancements please, Miss Wren?"

[member="Alli Wren"]
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[member="Kyra Sol"]

"Of course, we also offer free installation via our medical facilities in Wren'goa Station, currently located above the planet Hypori. Would this interest you?"

Danger Arceneau

M'onnok Fork
A holomessage would be sent to [member="Alli Wren"],

Miz Wren, I hope this missive finds you well and in good health.

I have come to inquire on the status of the station we had agreed upon months back, and I am anxious on viewing designs for such. Please do contact me at your earliest convenience.

~Danger Arceneau