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Backstory, Character Development, Etc

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When I made Cedric, I intended to slowly age him from childhood to adulthood. Unfortunately, circumstances made that improbable.

With that in mind, I am interested in doing some flashback threads with characters that may want to establish some childhood/earlier relations for the sake of better drama in later stories.

I'm also interested in expanding Cedric's personal circle of confidants, as currently he only has a tiny handful of people he could call associates, let alone friends. A few new rivals and enemies would be nice to.

I'm open to writing with all characters from any background. I finally have a house, so I have enough peace of mind to post regularly, and will try to give you at least 2 posts per day. Let me know if you're interested.

Shinnan Moreno

Armed and Angry
I'd totally write with you! Shinnan is pretty Corellian-centric and doesn't really go anywhere else, but if you're there I'm happy to use her, or I have Benny, who can easily do scrappy sidekick pilot/smuggler stuff or Saga who is a giant jerk and can easily be either a temporary ally or a minor antagonist though basically all she can do is slice. And throw credits around. Akar is pretty shady, he's currently doing First Order fleeting stuff, but his past is veeeeery vague.

..or I can make a new character if you have an empty plot hole because really I just like making characters and hardly need an excuse.