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Character Azula Merr

Azula Merr

SpeciesAffkin Lyrkon
Height5' 11" (1.8m)
Weight210 lbs (95.25kg)
Force SensitiveNo


At a glance, Azula Merr is quite the specimen. Shorter than your average Lyrkon, but taller than the average human female. One could easily tell she was strong. Her form was rich with muscle beneath her soft features. Azula's hair is raven black and kept in a pixie cut to keep her from being uncomfortable when wearing her helmet. She has an appealing visage with soft full lips and golden eyes.



Azula is a mercenary through and through. A soldier of fortune, if you will. She holds no allegiance to anyone or anything besides credits. However, due to her upbringing as a soldier of the Golden Company, she has a sense of honor and nobility.


  • Weaponmaster: Azula is trained in multiple forms of weaponry by the best training the Golden Company could offer. This, in combination with experience in the field, has made her an effective warrior in battle.
  • Queen of the Forge: Azula spent much of her time in the Golden Company with the Guild of Engineers, she had learned much in the art of weaponsmithing and armorsmithing.


  • Language Barrier: Azula refuses to learn to naturally speak any language besides Lyrkosi. She believes the other languages to be inferior to her native tongue. She is forced to use a vocabulator when speaking to other species that do not know Lyrkosi.
  • Sweet Tooth: In order to deal with the constant life-threatening situations she puts herself in, Azula will spend days wired on sweetblossom. It will be to the point where she is just unable to do anything besides lie there and stare at whatever catches her eye first for hours on end.


From a young age, Azula Merr knew she wanted to explore the galaxy. She wanted to see anything and everything she could, no matter the method. This lead her to joining a small group of mercenaries from her homeworld. With them, she managed to see a few planets, but it was only a small dent in her goal of exploring the galaxy. Eventually, she found herself among the Golden Company after a series of events involving battle, some successful and unsuccessful heists, and one bloody gladiator duel.

After joining the Golden Company, Azula started to see more. More species, more planets, and, of course, more combat. She was present for the invasions of Ilum by the Galactic Empire and Skor II by the First Order. Both battles were bloody and Azula saw much success during both.

In recent years, the Golden Company had slowly faded away into obscurity, though, Azula still wears her gold proudly. The Stellar Legionnaire has mostly gone solo, but she still claims to fight for the Golden Company.

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