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Ella Nova

NAME: Ayra.
FACTION: Sith Empire (formerly), One Sith.
RANK: Sith Knight, Darth.
AGE: (Unknown, presumed mid thirties).

SEX: Female.
HEIGHT: 5'8.
WEIGHT: 14 stones.
EYES: Golden, bogan taint.
HAIR: Pale, blonde.
SKIN: Extremely tanned, white.


STRENGTHS (+) AND WEAKNESSES (-) (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

(+) Strength: Trained to fight like the Sith Marauder of old, Ayra is extremely physically strong. Brute and a force of nature would be two ways to describe the raw strength she possesses after years of physical training.
(+) Lightsaber duelist: Ayra is a master of the Lightsaber techniques: Form V: Djem So and Form VII: Juyo. She is also a master of dual Lightsaber combat, capable of fighting either Djem So or Juyo with a Jar'kai variant. Combined with her raw strength, this makes Ayra a formidable Lightsaber duelist.
(+) Force Rage: Ayra is quick to harness her raw hatred and rage to transform it into a living Force Rage. The power behind her Force Rage allows her to accelerate her physical movements for extra damage, with the speed and efficiency of delivering several slashes from her Lightsaber(s) in seconds.
(+) Deceptive: Ayra is the definition of the word, deceptive. For all her talents and knowledge as a Sith Marauder, she would gladly stab someone in the back if the chance arouse. She is also a capable liar and manipulator, embracing the true tenants of the Sith.
(+) Military acumen: Ayra was trained not only to be a Sith, but to be a soldier as well. Her acumen and experience in combat situations gives her the reservoir of knowledge to perform clandestine and covert operations, as well as the ability to perform stunts such as a Low/High Altitude, High/Low Opening (LAHO/HALO). Her expertise also allows her to wield all kinds of military grade weaponry ranging from knives, pistols, rifles and carbines. She is also a capable military officer.
(+) Will power: Ayra has the drive to continue and see out the task or objective she was given. Even under the effects of her muscle defects or exhaustion from her lack of stamina, Ayra will always find a way to somehow continue. Coupled with her unadulterated rage and intense hatred, her will power is doubled when she feels these two emotions.
(+/-) Unadulterated rage: To say that Ayra is plain angry is an understatement. The levels of rage that Ayra possesses leads to a short fuse, which when it explodes, is uncontrollable. In the presence of a Sith Lord, for example, this is a weakness which could often lead to an unwanted backlash.
(+/-) Intense Hatred: Whilst some would argue that unadulterated rage and intense hatred would be a strength for a Sith, sometimes it can be a weakness as well. Her intense hatred for the Republic is so, that she would gladly sacrifice ranging from herself to another world if it meant that a member of the Jedi Order or someone who worked for the Galactic Republic ended up dead at the end of it.

Ayra is blonde, tall muscular woman that was thought to have had a petite build until she entered the Sith Marauder training regime devised by her Sith Master, Darth Mendacium. With a pair of golden eyes that betrays her alignment to the dark side of the Force, Ayra has a rising Massassi tattoo on the right side of her face leading up from the neck to the corner of her eye, which when translated to Basic means "Slave". She has a pair of the same design and translation on the back of her arms, which join together at the back of her neck and top back. They are described as a rising flame.

She is normally seen wearing a pair of black combat boots, with equally dark combat trousers and a vest. Over her uniform, she wears a hooded, Sith robe. Around her waist she wears a utility belt which blends into the shade she wears, which carries a Lightsaber, Saberstaff, disruptor pistol, combat knife, comlink, pistol cord and breathing device. She also carries a secondary combat knife, which is normally attached to her right ankle.

If one was to ever gaze upon her beneath the Sith robe and uniform, they would find the remnants of several injuries ranging from scars to burns to bruises, scraps and cuts. In her free time, Ayra never stops exercising or training, which leads to several fresh bruises, scraps and cuts from a blow or accident. Some of the bruising is nearly always there due to the muscle defects she suffers from, but these are hardly seen, as they normally appear on her left or right arms where the biceps are, which blends in with the rising, curling Massassi tattoo's she has on them.

Her date of birth or year is unknown to Ayra, but it is presumed that she was conceived sometime just prior to the dissipation of the Gulag Virus and reformation of the Sith Empire, at around 800 ABY. She was found in the settlement of Dreshdae on Korriban, so this is presumably her home world and city. Her parents unknown to her as well, she was taken into a nearby adoption center created by the Empire to foster and look after children, so they could one day be inducted into the Empire's military, service regiments or simply be enslaved when she was old enough to move, talk and work.

She was selected to be inducted into the military and joined the ranks of the Empire's training corps when she was seven years old. When she was eighteen, she graduated from the Sith Military Academy on Dromund Kaas and became a full fledged soldier. She never saw front line combat however, as she was inducted into the ranks of the Sith Order after it became apparent that she was Force Sensitive. Returning home to Korriban, she trained in the Sith Academy. It was here that she was taken under the apprenticeship of a Sith Master by the name of Darth Mendacium, who had devised a training regime designed to teach and train a Force sensitive into a Sith Marauder. She graduated the regime when she was twenty one, three years after her induction. This is a guess however, as she does not know her actual age due to lack of reference.

After becoming a Sith Marauder, her Sith Master mysteriously disappeared. She too left the Empire in favor of the Deep Core worlds, where she lived on the desolate desert world Kalist VI for five years, continuing her physical training in the blistering heat. She also performed reconnaissance on the Jedi Order and Galactic Republic in a self devised clandestine mission on Coruscant, due to the close proximity of Kalist VI to galactic center. It was during this operation that she received word that the Jedi were leading an invasion on the Sith held planet Ossus. On her way to participate in that battle, she picked up ship movements from the Mandalorian sectors and instead headed for Dromund Kaas, where she would later participate in the defense of the Sith capital from Mandalorian invasion.

One standard Sith shuttle, used for transportation purposes only.




Marauders of Korriban - All the information you need for the Sith Marauder training regime Ayra runs and the military-Sith group of Sith Marauders she leads for the Sith Empire. (PM me to join)


New Initiates - Darth Nazari, member of the secretive One Sith, approaches Ayra and offers her and Isley Verd the opportunity to join. Thus, she ventures from Korriban with the two of them to Prakith to meet with the mysterious Dark Lord of the Sith that Nazari and the One Sith serve. Here, she becomes Darth Ayra. (Unfinished)
We Came in Like a Wreeeeecking Baaaall: Invasion of Dromund Kaas - En route to the Battle of Ossus between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire, Ayra picks up fleet movements in the Mandalorian sectors towards Sith space. Heading to the Sith capital instead, the Sith Marauder finds herself in the middle of a Mandalorian invasion of Dromund Kaas. Consequentially, she participates in the defense of the Empire's capital.
You are bad and should Fel bad: Invasion of Dubrillion - Capitalizing on the Sith Empire becoming under siege by the Galactic Republic, Mandalorian Empire and Jedi Order, the newly rising Fel Empire has begun it's invasion of Dubrillion. Ayra, sent to the quell the rebellious curs, finds herself in the middle of a war zone, the Fel's aim to remove all traces of Sith occupation on the Sith occupied world.
Why wait for Darwinism?: Fel Dominion of Kad V - After learning that the Fel Imperium's next target was the remote Kad V found in the Kad system, Ayra heads towards the relatively unknown planet so as to perform a clandestine reconnaissance mission on the Fel.
Battle of Charros IV: Republic vs Empire - Victorious on Charros IV, the Empire has defeated the Republic invasion forces led by Jedi Master Gi Seirr (NPC). After executing the Jedi Master in the Xi Charros capital city, Ayra sets out to hunt down the surviving Jedi and Republic forces that are scattered across the planet. (Unfinished)
A walk upon the sand... - Returning home to Korriban following the events in "Battle of Charros IV", Darth Ayra heads to her weapon depot in Dreshdae and bumps into Sorin Vonado en route. (Unfinished)
Selected - In the Sith Academy on Korriban, Darth Ayra invites Miri Shorn to become a cadet on the Sith Marauder training regime. (Unfinished)
Here Comes The Freedom Train: Republic Invasion of Korriban - Darth Ayra, running her Sith Marauder training regime from the Sith Academy on Korriban, suddenly finds herself and her home world under the attack of the Republic. She slays an Jedi (NPC) and a regiment of Republic troopers before escaping. (Unfinished)
The Voyage Home - With Korriban occupied by the Republic, Darth Ayra returns to Dreshdae to gather the cadets she recruited for the Sith Marauder training regime, so that they can leave and head to Kalist VI, where she intends to continue the regime there. (Unfinished)
Homecoming - Following the collapse of the Sith Empire, Darth Ayra returns to Kalist VI to contemplate on life. Later, she is joined by the only man she considers family, Darth Avara. (Unfinished)
The Gathering - The Dark Lord of the Sith has gathered the One Sith on Prakith. Darth Ayra travels from Kalist VI to attend The Gathering. (Unfinished)

Ella Nova

This is another alt from my writers account, @[member="Vazela"]. Much like @[member="Vilox Pazela"], Ayra is a transferred character from intswrp. I'd be more than happy to provide screenshots of proof and evidence that Ayra is a Sith Marauder, which in terms of rank and tags in Chaos would mean Sith Knight, but I am currently banned from intswrp for casual trolling. My ban ends in a few days time.

I've brought this character over because I'm doing something different from Vilox Pazela, going in a different path than I've gone with him before. However, I have much love for the Sith and Ayra has always been a Sith, so...

Ella Nova

@[member="Elani Zambrano"]

I'm going to be bringing the Sith Marauder training regime over to Chaos. I'm even trying to get the person who made it (Darth Mendacium) to transfer over to here as well. I'll be sure to tag you when it is released. :p