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Ayashe Hirnan

Ayashe Hirnan

Beast Queen
[SIZE=12pt]NAME:[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Ayashe Hirnan
RANK: Sith Knight
SPECIES: Dathomiri
AGE: 19
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 4’9”
EYES: Bright blue
HAIR: Silver
SKIN: Fair


  • [SIZE=12pt]Beast Tamer – Ayashe is acutely aware of the natural world around her on any given planet. Due to her incredible ability to connect with the planet around her, Ayashe is able to connect with virtually any beast she comes into contact with. She understands the vocalizations of most beasts and their body language as well, giving her the ability to communicate with them on a primal level.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=12pt]Agile – Due to her small size and the harsh life she has led, Ayashe is built to survive. She is faster than an average human because she had to be as a child in order to survive. With the aid of the Force she is very nearly impossible to compete with when it comes to speed.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=12pt]Survivor – Ayashe is a survivor. Even in the worst of situations she will fight tooth and nail to live.[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=12pt]Feral – Ayashe grew up without other human interaction and so she is wild in every sense of the word. Her basic is terrible at best and her accent thick, making her even harder to understand. [/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=12pt]Naïve – Given her feral nature she has little experience with the galaxy as a whole. Much in the way of technology makes little sense to her and so she is at somewhat of a disadvantage.[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=12pt]Lightsaber – Silver blade[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=12pt]Pack of Howlrunners – Ayashe has a pack of howlrunners that she has for several years now. Her Master, Cyrena, helped her find the two eldest of her pack and the rest were born from those two. The howlrunners are her family and she will kill all those that would harm her pack.[/SIZE]


At a young age Ayashe was left an orphan as her entire village was massacred. Who destroyed her village, leaving her the sole survivor, is still unknown to the young feral. Left with nothing she wandered the ruins of her village and the surrounding wilds for days, nearly starving to death, until a mourning rancor encountered the tiny silver haired child. The female rancor had lost her calf to illness and was without a herd thus she did not view Ayashe as food, but instead claimed the ailing girl as her own.

The young rancor taught Ayashe how to survive and was with her until a roaming herd of rancor invaded their territory. Ayashe did her best to aid her mother, but in the end she was only able to wound one of the other rancors. Her mother took down another, but in the end she was killed and Ayashe was driven from the land she had called home for nearly seven years.

Forced to survive on her own she nearly died a number of times, her harsh life stunting her growth so that she never grew as tall she was likely supposed to. It wasn’t until she was nearly fifteen that she encountered Cyrena Bathory. The woman desired the tiny feral immediately, but Ayashe would not bend to the dark woman and ended up killing one of her favored vornskrs. Cyrena could have killed her then, but instead she saw a dark power inside the small girl. Thus Ayashe became the apprentice of the Lady Bathory, her world forever changing. She stayed by Cyrena’s side until she was knighted, only then did Ayashe venture out on her own with her pack of howlrunners forever at her side.





Ayashe Hirnan

Beast Queen
It is a transfer, @[member="Cira"] can vouche for me. Unfortunately my knighting thread was deleted upon the board I am transferring from.

Balaya Praelior

Balaya Zambrano, One of Many
Well then welcome and I do hope you will join the ladies of Thule under @[member="Kaine Zambrano"]... Overseer of sector one and most prominent master under the Emperor. We are always looking for talent and power. You get to live in a castle, have the Blackblade Legion at your command and we have all the wealth.