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Approved Starship Awaud Starfighter Wing-01 Prototype

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Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud

Intent: Personal Fighter for [member="Jake Awaud"]
Image Source: [X]
Canon Link: None
Restricted Missions: None
Primary Source: [X], Perchase

Manufacturer: United Trade Conglomerate
Model: ASW-01 Prototype
Affiliation: Personal
Production: Unique
Material: Agrinium, Circuitry, Quadanium Plates, Zeltec Ultra-Anium Structure, DZ Conduits electrical panels, Solarium Glass, Liquid Crystal Displays


Classification: Interceptor
Length: 13 meters
Width: 13 meters
Height: 9 meters
Armament: High
Defenses: Average
Squadron Count: None: 1
Maneuverability Rating: High
Speed Rating: High
Hyperdrive Class: Very Fast: 0.3

  • Military-Grade Targeting Computer
  • Military-Grade Sensor Arrays
  • Standard Navigation
  • Standard Life Support
  • Standard Repulsorlift Engines
  • Standard Sensor Arrays
  • Strong Starship: Armed with state of the art weaponry, it can hunt nearly any starfighter in the skies.
  • Duel Role: With weapons capable of taking out fighters as well as cripple a capital ship, this Starship is battle ready.
  • Friend Required: This ship and its many instruments requires a co-pilot, either another person or Astromech.
  • High Gravitational Turn: Due to the speed and maneuvering of the ship, an average pilot would lose all ability to fly in the 6G turn of the cockpit. A specialized suit or pilot can only pilot such a craft.
  • Meticulous Machinery: Due to the many modifications done on the craft, one small miscalculation could cost on their life.
This starship was designed by the Blacksmith of Clan Awuad, and put into production by the United Trade Conglomerate Space Docks. Built around the concept of mobility and speed, as well as the Mandalorian thirst for weaponry. This little guy had it all added by the request of the Alors brother. Special purchased parts and in depth weapons modifications were added to the ship to make it a hunter among prey. Though it was difficult to handle in all simulations, there were some pilots capable of handling her.

Designed from head to to with the assistance of Unknown Region Species, such as the Chiss who joined the UTC and Killik who the UTC trade with regularly. With the Combined knowledge of these groups, the prototype of the Awaud Starfighter Wing 01 was completed and put in the works. After multiple pilots failed to use such a craft, one of the best pilots available to Clan Awaud was given a chance. Once he showed he could ace the controls of the craft alone, it was given to him. However, the ASW Program was halted as the ship was too difficult to handle and only the Prototype was produced and completed.
Directorate Officer
Jaster of Clan Awaud said:
Defenses: Moderate 2x ECM Missiles Preloaded 4x Thermal Oxidized Flare Tubes
We need a bit more detail about these ECM missiles, preferably a link to a submission here on Chaos or to wookieepedia. Do you mean something like a Mimic Sensor Decoy, by chance?

Are these flare tubes any different than from canon flares?

Jaster of Clan Awaud said:
ADVANCED SYSTEMS ZI-X251 Starfighter Turbo Accelerator Motor ZI-U627 OTIA Component ZI-K444 Starfighter Shield Generator ZI-B394 Hyperdrive Generator
As these are "Closed-Market" items, can you provide proof of purchase for these items or permission from the maker to use them please? A link to marketplace purchase thread, screenshot of an encounter, or Zayne liking this post will do.

Overall, this submission is around 5 ratings too high. As always, you can balance this by lowering ratings and/or by adding significant weaknesses.
Directorate Officer
[member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"], for a weakness to count for balancing purposes, it needs to be something that can practically taken advantage of by an opponent on the battlefield. None of the weaknesses currently on there really fit into that.

An example of this weakness could be something like "no shields".
Directorate Officer
Jaster of Clan Awaud said:
Plasma Weak Shielding: The ship has custom style shielding and is weak against Plasma Base Weapons Fire.
If you'll change "Plasma Base Weapons Fire" to "energy weapons fire", this will be good to go.
Directorate Officer
[member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"], it would be a significant weakness, which is what I thought you were going for with "plasma based weapons fire". Is there a different weapon you were thinking about when you wrote that?
Directorate Officer
[member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"], this is a unique fighter, which I gives this some leeway with balancing I think, but at the same time, a significant weakness needs to be just that, significant.

The example that I gave you was no shielding at all. The weak energy shielding would have worked because most people user laser cannons on their ships as their primary weapons.

This kinetic shielding being weaker doesn't work in this instance for two reasons:

1) This isn't a lack of kinetic shielding, but it's just unspecified as being somewhat weaker. This gives enough wiggle room to the person using it that there's a good chance that it won't have any practical effect for gameplay purposes.
2) Most starfighters don't have kinetic weapons except for warheads, and this ship already has multiple warhead defense options (decoys, flares). This basically counters their primary method that most ships would use to exploit this weakness.

If this is changed to a complete lack of kinetic energy shielding, I can accept this because even near misses with a warhead (if it detonates against a flare or decoy) is going to damage this ship.

Otherwise, we'll need to look for a different weakness or lower a rating to balance this out.
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