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Approved Tech AW-Mx01 "Sagitta" Mass Driver

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  • Manufacturer: Aurora Industries
  • Affiliation: Aurora Industries, Closed-Market
  • Model: AW-Mx01 "Sagitta" Mass Driver
  • Modularity: None

  • Production: Minor-production
  • Material: Trilamnium, Internal Weapon Components, Siaber Crystals
  • Classification: Mass Driver
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Ammunition Type: Neutronium-impregnated Doonium Slugs
  • Ammunition Capacity: Variable

  • Reload Speed: Average
  • Effective Range: Long Range
  • Rate of Fire: Average
  • Stopping Power: Very High
  • Recoil: Very High
  • Siaber Crystal Power Generator - The heart of the new weapon, the Siaber Crystal that powers each mass driver is the reason why the magnetic system can fire the rounds at 12 km/s
  • Neutronium-Impregnated Doonium Ammunition Core - An innovation in how a mass driver stores ammunition, the doonium core is a solid chunk of the metal, impregnated with neutronium, that is divided up by a high powered laser guided by a computer system slaved to the gunner's targeting computer. The computer creates a round from the metal core, slicing off only what is needed and moving it to the firing position, depending on the distance to a target
  • Enhanced magnetic field - Due to the power of the Siaber Crystal power generator and improvements on the magnetic coils in the rails, the Sagitta can fire its slugs at 12 km/s, a vast improvement over the original
  • Stopping Power - Due to the speeds the round is traveling when fired, whenever they impact against an enemy vessel, the kinetic energy and damage is increased
  • Ammo Core - Due to the ammunition core design, reloading the weapon is simpler as it does not require shells or traditional rounds. Once a core is depleted, one needs only to slot another core into position
  • Heavy Recoil - Due to the increased speeds of the weapon, they do suffer from high recoil even with inertia dampeners in place to make sure the weapon does not get sheered off the ship
  • Rail Degradation - Firing too many rounds too quickly will result in the rails and magnetic coils warping, rendering the weapon inoperable until repairs can be made
  • Broken Crystal - Siaber Crystals, if broken, tend to vaporize everything in a given radius. For the Sagitta mass driver, anything in a ten meter radius will be disintegrated

As part of Aurora Industries' modernization program for its ship and ship weapon programs, the engineers at the company began designing a new mass driver cannon to replace the old Comet Mass Driver. Orders from up top had been to both enhance the speeds of the rounds being fired, and to innovate in some way to make the system easier for use on starships. The engineers responded with the AW-Mx01 "Sagitta" Mass Driver.

The Sagitta is powered, like many of Aurora's newer designs, by their Siaber Crystal technology. Specifcially, the engineers used the power offered by the crystal, along with making improvements on the rails and magnetic coil system of the original, to allow rounds fired by the new cannon to travel at 12 km/s or double what the previous cannon could do. On top of that, they began innovating the ammunition supply. Going with a neutronium-impregated doonium core, they designed a high powered internal laser system that would allow pieces of the core to be sheered off, all determined by a computer slaved to a gunner's targeting computer. The gunner would determine the distance to their target, and the system would create the perfect sized slug to be fired to reach the target. Once depleted, there would be no need for shells or other fancy ammunitions. To reload, the crew would just move another stored core of doonium in the ammunition core.
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