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Avidon Rises

Yoru Shakou

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The Baroness quietly stood at the balcony that looked out over her lands. In the far distance she could see the shuttles landing in the starport. A sly smirk crossing her lips as more and more of the Sith Empire had found their way to her home. That was what she wanted; to allow them a place to hide and to strengthen her families already immense wealth and power. Though on the public side she had to remain neutral and quiet. She could not boast of such things and thus she needed to ensure that the Republic and Mandalorians would over look her and leave her be. Quietly she contemplated her next action; then again she was always a few steps into the grand game of chess that was spreading across the galaxy.

A slight nudge at her side pulled her attention for a moment. Her arm sliding from where it rested as her slender fingers graced the head of a nexu. Smiling at the thoughts that ran in her mind, she looked down towards the grand entry avenue that lead up to the Baroness' palace.

"Shall we greet our visitors?"

The question poised to both herself and the nexu at her side before she turned from her position. Slowly walking through her personal chambers. Servants pulling the doors open for her made sure that the walking transition from room to room was swift and graceful. Her steps; coupled with her gown gave the appearance of her gliding across the floor.

Slowly she descended from the stairs, stopping at the top of the grand stair case that gave a commanding view of the foyer. Her hands resting on the railing as the nexu stopped and sat next to her. Those yellow eyes looked down to her new guests, though not down upon them.


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Odxon Raziel

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The empire had crumbled. Again. This wasn't the first time I had watched that happen. But this time seemed a tad... different. Though the armies had left planets, the leaders went into hiding... there were still alliances. Still members working together, just working more in the shadows. Before it had taken more time for anything to really appear. Of course, those Empires had been driven back. This time felt more... purposeful. Perhaps it was planned? Or the patterns were finally ceasing.

It would be some time before I found out. But being a Garhoon and all, I would live long enough to. Finding out what's going to happen might be the most interesting thing to happen in the last seven hundred years. Well that or the Gulag Plague. 'Course that got boring after a few hundred years. Eh. Coming to this... beautiful planet would likely lead to answers. So here I was.

Stepping into the foyer I looked around, taking everything in. For the first time in quite awhile I wasn't disguised, instead appearing as I am. Long black hair, green eyes, pale skin. A cloak had protected me from the sun as I entered, and was now in the hands of a servant. Underneath I wore a nice suit. Nothing to fancy, but something that was appropriate for the situation. Taking a bow I decided introducing myself to the Baroness would be the best move.

"Odxon Von Raziel, at your service, m'lady."
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Tormax Tryte

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Darth Naefas and his Master walked down the corridor from the guest rooms and suddenly appeared on the fringes of the room clad in their black robes. They were the first of the remnants of the Sith Empire, but it seemed like others had found their way to Avidon as well. A shame. Avara and he would probably be discouraged from killing them.

We are the last true Sith.

I am the last Sith.

He thought to himself when he saw @[member="Odxon Raziel"] enter the foyer.

Ella Nova

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Darth Ayra came to a stop outside of the building, the golden eyes that gleamed from underneath the cowl of her Sith robe admiring the architecture of it's structure. As her eyes moved and the wind whipped around her, her thoughts traveled to a time long before then. She could almost feel the incinerating heat of Kalist VI as she remembered the words. "If the Republic is to fall, then we must fund and support the groups and individuals that cause dissent and corruption within it's own borders, to the point that the Jedi will no longer be able to cope with it." With the dissolution of the Sith Empire came the formation of splinter groups, all of which she had joined. The One Sith, the League of Sith and now the Avidon Oligarchy. All of them organizations against the Republic. All of them comprised of Sith with the same agenda. The mission was hers and these groups had the ability to cause the dissent and corruption that her Sith Master spoke of. It was the reasons why she was apart of each one.

The Sith Marauder lowered her hood as she entered the building, allowing the locks of her blonde hair to the fall to the side. A rising, Massassi tattoo came from the base of her neck to the corner of her eye, like a rising flame. It's ink was black, which made it extremely apparent on her smooth, ivory skin. She came to a stop and looked at the unfamiliar faces quietly.


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Grimm had his mask on his face, he still had his rule of not showing his face to no one. There was some work to be done, now that he had joined the last remaining sith. It was such a great thing to meet them, but he was alone...always alone. He held no master and trained himself to be an assassin. He knew of the sith weaponry and hoped to take his command of creating more. Of course, what would become of this group...that was the main issue right now. Maybe he should go into politics, or just stick to killing people...such a hard decision.

He looked towards the hostess, while he stood in the background of the room. Waiting for everyone else to appear and see if he knew anyone at all.

Adamus Straife

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Darth Avara stood with his apprentice, his thumbs tucked within the rings of his belt. His robes hung low, and his light armour made of durasteel and Mandalorian iron hugged the frame of his figure comfortably. He was hooded and concealed, and most of all, he was masked. No one had ever seen the face of Adamus Straife, none but a few, and it came to be that the "face" of Avara was indeed his mask. His apprentice stood beside him, and he could feel the boiling anger and hatred festering deep within him. He had the urges to kill, and he found difficulty in suppressing it. A born killer, but Avara would make something of him before his training was over.

He saw familiar faces and unfamiliar faces; some of them Sith he had met before, others he had not had the pleasure to grace with his presence. He made no effort to greet, for he was not here to make friends, nor was he here to waste time. The Avidon Oligarchy provided him with the necessary cover to go about his intended business. And that intended business was for the benefit of the Sith. Whether those who called themselves Sith knew it yet or not, Darth Avara would be the one to bring about their salvation. So he believed.

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Ella Nova

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Darth Ayra turned her gaze to her brother, Darth Avara and the individual stood next to him, Darth Naefas. Two members of the One Sith, which made three members of the secretive Sith Order in this room. Avara wasn't her real brother either, but he was the closest to family in the galaxy. Well, second closest.

Her eyes found the Baroness finally and she said, "Do you want to explain why you've invited all of us here?"
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He could feel them, flames of black coming from the stars all to gather at this one location. With the Empire fragmented and falling in disarray and utter chaos, this was one of the only safe places to actually flee to. Avidon was remote, and had natural protections that sheltered it from the greater galaxy. Now those who had survived the fragmentation had come to survive on this world, to regroup and to strike back when the time was right. Kaine had come before many to seek out the Baroness, and recruit her into his ranks of allies, although many in the One Sith branded her an infidel, but Kaine saw use in her. With a sigh he lifted his naked form off from the bed of the chamber he had been occupying, and quickly dressed. He already sensed the Baroness moving to greet the new arrivals, but Kaine would not join her.

He had to keep his existence a secret for now, only a select few outside of the One Sith would know of his survival. Placing the mask upon his face, Kaine turned towards the direction of the foyer, but he did not descend the steps along with the Baroness. Instead, he remained at the very top, just around the corner to remain relatively out of eye sight, and cloaked his presence within the force. He didn't want anyone recognizing his signature, and forcing him to play his hand too early. He would merely watch and wait as they arrived.


Yoru Shakou

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Slender fingers ran along the banister of the balcony she stood upon, looking at those that had arrived. Her other hand still touching lightly along the head of the Nexu that returned to its mother. A sly smirk crossing her lips before she turned towards the stairs. Her hand running along the banister slowly as she stood the first step down. Her attention focused forward as she didn't turn her head to watch the following eyes as the Nexu followed at her heels. The beast slowly stalking down the steps before coming to a stop next to the Baroness as her final foot fall touched upon the ground floor. Her hand slowly running over the few wrinkles that had appeared with her movement.

"I've gathered you here because you are some of the few whom have managed to find this safe haven."

The Baroness spoke rather bluntly, though it was the truth. To this point they were the only members of the Sith Empire, or rather former members of a collapsed Empire that had made it to the haven in the Oligarchy. Quietly musing to herself for a moment she nodded as she moved closer, keeping her eyes on each of those before her. Taking a quick glance back towards the steps and the darkened corners of the floor above. Her Nexu pressing its head to her hand as she began to scratch its head once more.

"I welcome you each to my home. It is a safe haven for those whom are fleeing from the carnage of the collapse."

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Ella Nova

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Darth Ayra followed the descent of Baroness Magrath. Listening to her words, she took another step forward to ask her, "I'd like to know more about this Oligarchy, who founded it and how the Jedi and the Republic don't know about it or leave it alone."