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Approved Lore Avalonian Hellfighters

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Ariel Yvarro

I Vow To Thee, My Country

  • Army Name: 369th Infantry Regiment // Avalonian Hellfighters
  • Classification: Army; Infantry
  • Affiliation: First Order
  • Army Symbol: TBD
  • Description: Leftover from the First Imperial Army, the Avalonian Hellfighters are part of what remained on Dosuun after the Fall. They would later be recruited by Ariel Yvarro to be among the first reactivated into the new First Imperial Army.
  • Headquarters: Avalonia, Dosuun
  • Goals: Keep Avalonia and by extension Dosuun safe and free of opponents.
  • Reputation: Hard-knuckled fighters who have been known to fight to the death. Every breath, every step is carried out in full measure nothing can be gained if nothing is given.
  • Army Size: Small
  • Composition: Roughly a thousand strong from Avalonia proper, led by Colonel Nemea a Thyrsian-born army officer who had seen the First Order both rise and fall. Each battalion is made of roughly two hundred and fifty or so men and women this is broken down further into companies (roughly sixty persons) and platoons (roughly fifteen persons). Numbers can go up or down depending on recruitment, attrition, and overall army morale. The stand out here are the Thyrsian-born leaders, the Thrysian-five led by Nemea himself and his lieutenants, Korkottas the Trickster, Lykoan the Fierce, Artemision the Wise and Erymanthos the Brute.
    • Aurek Battalion, Lt. Colonel Korkottas - Repulsorlift Battalion
      • First Company, Captain Magnus Aldworth
      • Second Company, Captain Koli Siggu
      • Third Company, Captain Hershel Finnerty
      • Fourth Company, Captain Aanwhul Vashoyi
    • Barrut Battalion, Lt. Colonel Lykoan - Line Battalion
      • First Company, Captain Shanov Annutu
      • Second Company, Captain Rucia Thaglar
      • Third Company, Captain Amos Covington
      • Fourth Company, Captain Corene Bramer
    • Cowell Battalion, Lt. Colonel Artemision - Line Battalion
      • First Company, Captain Iona Horgan
      • Second Company, Captain Gwilym Dunstan
      • Third Company, Captain Zossu Visne
      • Fourth Company, Captain Bhazo Jedrayi
    • Datoo Battalion, Lt. Colonel Erymanthos - Assault Battalion
      • First Company, Captain Shaantal Unyovo
      • Second Company, Captain Kiame Tridlu
      • Third Company, Captain Byrtee Meighan
      • Fourth Company, Captain Lachlan Gadsden
Col. Leon Nemea
Lt. Col. Aermys Korkottas
Lt. Col. Aris Lykoan
Lt. Col. Pallas Artemision
Lt. Col. Erukles Erymanthos
Captain Magnus Aldworth
Captain Koli Siggu
Captain Hershel Finnerty
Captain Aanwhul Vashoyi
Captain Iona Horgan
Captain Gwilym Dunstan
Captain Zossu Visne
Captain Bhazo Jedrayi
Captain Shaantal Unyovo
Captain Kiame Tridlu
Captain Byrtee Meighan
Captain Lachlan Gadsden

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Colonel Leon Nemea leads the Hellfighters, a line regiment comprised of two basic line battalions, and assault battalion and repulsorlift battalion. They were assembled over the years from various remnants of the old First Imperial Army. Their tenacious reputation comes from Nemea himself who wears the battle scars of survival on his body with pride. He and the rest of the Thrysian-Five were initially members of the Auxiliary when things began to fall apart.

The took men who were willing to fight, and willing to listen to them and were among the many thrown-together units of the ramshackle army. Every battle, every inch of a mile could mean the lives of thousands. The scales had adapted to the newer tech around them made use of it, and it meant the fighting had to take a different turn. A more brutal approach one that departed the traditional Imperial lines, but through their fighting, they inspired many. Avalonians gathered their strength and courage and banded together, men and women followed the Colonel and his men.

Over the course of four years, they would become a tight-knit fighting unit. By taking Thyrisan combat and combining them with Imperial tactics Colonel Nemea's unit earned the nickname; Hellfighters. For even in the darkest, thickest cloud of gas, their eyes could be seen burning bright blood red with fury and as the match was lit, and the fire spread.

They appeared as demons from Hell itself.

Bodies laid at the feet of Avalonian Hellfighters, civilians, men, women, children and their own brothers and sisters in uniform. Their deeds would not be in vain as they pushed back, and aided in the reclamation of the capital city. Without a doubt, the men and women who survived are known as battle-hardened veterans who wore dirty uniforms ripped and scorched, who went for days without food and water.

A great debt to them is owed, a debt that the First Order shall never forget; for their sacrificed has given way to life and liberty.
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Ariel Yvarro Ariel Yvarro Looking good! Just please make sure there are links to the First Order, Avalonia, Dosuun, and Thyrsian (this can be either in the links section or as the keywords appear through the submission, entirely up to you) and then I can stamp this as approved :)
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