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Canon Link: N/A
Primary Source: N/A
Workshop Name: Avalon
Location: Aboard a space station in the Kathol Outback
Specialty: Powered Armor and Powered Armor Weaponry (though the staff make some rockin’ mixed drinks out front)
Tier: I


Avalon is a new and relatively popular watering hole in the Kathol Outback, at least on the surface. It offers a wide variety of mixed drinks, beverages (both imported and domestic), and a more or less satisfactory menu of other items for their clientele. To anyone and everyone, Avalon is a veritable paradise for those in need of a drink far from asteroid belts, scrap fields, and pirate attacks.
Behind the bar, though, is where Avalon truly shines. For those in the know, Avalon is more than the usual space station cantina. Behind the bar and the small living area stands a dirty, cluttered, and well used hangar bay. Though small, its space is more or less well used and features multiple alcoves, ceiling mounted harnesses, and a small fabricator as well as an old fashioned forge tucked into a corner. The room is soundproofed and excess fumes are vented away for safety reasons, both of which help to hide the true purpose of Avalon: Designing, machining, constructing, customizing, and assembling custom powered armor and the weapons they use.

After being freed from pirates, Felyn worked odd jobs and short stints wherever he could. After a time and a few careful loans, he rented an old hangar out of one of the more popular stations in the Kathol Outback. Renovations ensued and soon enough the bar opened to the public, murmured questions of missing floor space quickly gave way to the convenience of having a trustworthy tavern aboard the station itself only to finally be dismissed when Felyn made it a point to live on site behind the bar itself. Currently, Felyn still owns and operates Avalon with a very small and mostly droid-based staff.


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