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Approved Tech Aurora - Force Imbued Blade of Atheus

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[*]Primary Source: N/A

  • Manufacturer: Atheus
  • Model: Aurora - Named after a Minor Hellyni Goddess of Dawn
  • Affiliation: Individual Character Name

[*]Modularity: No
[*]Production: Unique
  • Omegium
  • Silver
  • Electrum
  • Lightsaber crystal

  • Classification: Short sword
  • Size: One-handed, Two-handed,
  • Length: 80 Cm blade, 100 cm total
  • Weight: 1.8 kgs

  • Glows in the Dark
  • Force Imbued Sword
  • Force Valor
  • Connected to Talisman of Calling *Having approval from creator as Atheus does have ties with the Verd Clan.*
When Atheus holds the sword, It will slowly change from its onyx black state, to a bright silver, and even near the tip turn slightly red as though the blade had just been taken out of the forge. This effect is done much like a Silver Lined Sword is, or is comparable to the Aura created during the forging process of a Force Imbued blade. With the creation of a sword done differently than Sith Alchemy, Thus it has different strengths and weakness than that of a Sith Sword much like the one he carried.

As the sword is connected to a Talisman of Calling, the sword itself has all the strengths and weaknesses of the Talisman. Allowing the weapon to be called upon whenever necessary. Allowing Atheus an extra spot to carry something else, or allow for him to walk around "unarmed" with out it being so. As well, only Atheus can call upon the sword.

  • Force Imbuement allows the sword to cut through materials much more easily than other blade variations. However, it does not have the cutting power of a lightsaber.
  • Can kill Spirits/Force Ghosts
  • Lightsaber resistant.
  • Alternative to a Flashlight
  • Much sharper blade due to Omegium having much higher tensile strength than that of durasteel.
  • Force Valor effect is evident as Atheus is a Consume essence user. However, instead of stealing the power from others, he is attempting to aid others around him, instead of hinder them.
  • Only Atheus can call upon the weapon as he knows the incantation to summon the weapon
Weaknesses :
  • Force Nullification fields remove the connection between sword and user. Thus returning the weapon to "the Mist." While Force imbued blades naturally lose their special perks when in a field, It instead completely removes the sword from the fight all together, instead of holding just a plain sword.
  • Bright lights attract attention.
  • No forms of leather or cloth on the weapon to aid in grip. *Due to Atheus having a metal arm that also does not have fake skin to aid with gripping items, it would be difficult for him to hold onto the blade with an iron grasp with his left hand.*
  • The blade is a conductor. It can conduct heat and electricity much more easily that other metals.
  • Should the Talisman be destroyed, So is the sword. While the sword itself cannot due to force imbuement.
  • Should anyone else know the incantation of the weapon, as well as wearing the ring, can summon the weapon as well.
  • The ring is connected to only the sword alone. Atheus cannot call upon multiple weapons with just one ring.

Atheus is a changed man. Over the course of time with various lightsiders, even determining with his time training Thalia, and his limited time with [member="Lady Kay"] being rather influential upon him to change his ways, to become better than the "Monster" he claims to be, Atheus is trying to better himself. Thus, Atheus is trying to rid the influence of more heavily dark sided artifacts around him. As much as he can't remove his left arm, he will keep it to remind him of his past. However, to give him hope, and an eye set towards the future, he creates a new sword, with a new design to begin his journey.

Aptly named Aurora, A minor Goddess from the Hellyni pantheon, This Goddess is a sign of Dawn. A new day awaking upon the horizon. A new step forward. The sword greatly reflects this. As upon Atheus grabbing it, the hilt will slowly start to glow. Its when he activate it, and the sword quite literally spring to life, that the obsidian black hilt and blade ignite with a white glow with even the tip being slightly red at points.

The grip also has Electrum Inlay. Thus when being dormant, will have a black and gold coloration upon it. When active, or "Alive" the sword will become white and gold. The Omegium enveloped into an Damascus. with Silver, The metal still retains its black coloration due to the forging process, as well as Silver being a much more malleable metal. Taking the form and coloration with the Damascus metal used With the lightsaber crystal invested into the grip itself, and molded around the crystal, it is housed safely within the blade.

As a Force imbued blade, It can cut much more easily than a vibrosword, or even a simple sword. Retaining is sharpness well past any other kind of bladed weapon. However, the metals used in the blade can snap or chip if pressured to too much force when not affected by the Force itself.
Atheus said:
Collapses upon itself to reside within the hilt. Acting much light a lightsaber to "activate" when focused upon by the force.

I'm a bit confused. How is it collapsing upon itself into the hilt? Is the blade the same length as the hilt?

Or does it break down into smaller pieces?

If that is the case, wouldn't that weaken the blade if struck in specific areas where these areas lock together?

My thoughts on it collapsing to that size would me more along the lines of a "Liquid Metal" where the hilt invests the blade into itself and become incredibly dense. I can't make the blade disperse without that mass going somewhere. So it "melts" into itself. That means when in either form, its the same weight, or heavier when in hilt form due to the metal being more dense than when in bladed form.

If that is suitable, then I will add to the weaknesses that the blade is the same weight, or more heavier when in hilt form.

Liquid metal? We have a few subbed versions of such liquid metal but they come with their own heavy weaknesses. Aurora Industries has made a version of it but that electricity completely turns it to liquid once again.

Otherwise, as an alchemized item from liquid to solid, I cannot see how this can be viable. That's a bit too High Fantasy instead of star wars high fantasy.

Can you think of any other way where this may work? Otherwise, that part of this concept will need to be reconsidered.
[member="Cira"], Would Laminanium work? As the weapons been altered with the force, and could be altered further to change from acting like a liquid to a metal state?

I have made items with Laminanium before that allowed the metal to "bend" like a normal arm, but retain its metal nature. Only it would be further altered to shape to two desired forms? I am willing to perform a development thread for it.

I have been doing some research with canon, and chaos submitted technology. I know that just because an item was approved in the past, does not mean that mine can be treated in the same manner as they are approved at different times. However, I want to mention them that such things have been done before, and to follow up on my question.

Both the Kebii'Aden, and Severous, were created with Sith Alchemy to be able to collapse upon itself for easier carrying, or to act as a surprise to any foe the use it against. It mentions in both submissions that they were created by investing ones "soul" into the weapon, or inessence, connecting the weapon, and the creator as one. As a quote from the Serverous Submission. "This particular ability can only be done by commanding it with the Force and even still, can only be done by Rhuza because his sole energy was tied and intertwined with every thread of metal the lance consisted of.", and continuing with this, Quoting from the Kebii'Aden, "During its creation Oron was summoned to the lab to channel the Force into the weapon and alter the weapons molecular structure at the center of the lance. This process would allow the weapon to retract and extend by "stretching" the material, but only by command of the Force."

While those two items are spears, and are only changing from one length to another, I thought a question may come up as to how the blade would be able to form much like these spears, but still be able to retain a blade shape, instead of becoming a large smacking stick. I found these Witchswords, in which were Alchemized Sith Vibroswords that could form by a means of "Memory Metal."

To condense this, Atheus could be doing the same process of creating the sword like these spears and have the sword become a literal extension of himself, and thus only he can make the weapon lengthen and shorten, with the use of Memory Metal, to be able to change into, and out of its bladed form. If you would still want me to use Lamanium since it can "reform at any temperature" and because I have a made a quasi-liquid/metal substance before, then I will do so.

I would really like to see this sword come to fruition, so I will be willing to do what I can to make this happen.

I was actually inquiring about if it breaks apart into several pieces and then forms back together based exactly on the witch swords. You will note that this process means that it is still vulnerable to being shattered as a weakness regardless if it is within a force null bubble or not.

If you want to mimic the same properties as the witch sword, you can, but the indestructible" part of your submission will need to be removed and the following weaknesses added.
  • (-) Extended combat may damage the blade's internal workings and prevent it from being retracted.
  • (-) Especially significant force may break the blade into its interlocking component parts, wrecking the weapon utterly.

I wasn't intending it to breaking apart and then reforming. I was mentioning the two staffs because I wanted the sword to be able to collapse and extend without the weakness of breaking from trauma. Since Atheus has an arm that could feasibly crack concrete with a punch, if he were to use the sword in his left hand, then it would be like bringing a twig to a battle. It would break the instant he would use it. The ONLY reason I mentioned the Witchblades was because of the memory metal that was mentioned in the submission.

While both staffs are able to collapse upon themselves, Kebii'aden is at the very least hollowed out, which makes it more reasonable on the explainaion on why the staff is able to collapse within itself. Truthfully, I wouldn't have approved a shifting metal staff like those and I thank you for bringing them up to my attention for further review.

As it is right now, unless it is made out of a material with appropriate and reasonable weaknesses on it being able to collapse within itself, it will not be approved as it is now.

Ive tried to give options that would be viable, for example, using Aurora Industries molten metal that can harden but still has notable weaknesses if struck by electricity. Or simply having the blade be constructed out of distinct parts and snapped together much like the witch blade, with notable cons as well stating that this benefit may potentially snap it.

Those types of edits will progress this submission into approval.

Your judgment is not to my liking for what I had in mind. The sword that I would like to create wouldn't be approved. As yet I have linked two weapons that have done this before, with the spear that was hollowed out as you mentioned, to simply reduce weight, and not as a collapsing mechanism. I do not like using tech that I know little to nothing about, nor use technology that would undermine the reason for creating a force imbued item of not being nigh indestructible when outside a force nullification area.

I will remove those and replace it with already approved technology that I have acquired the approval from the submitter to use.

Submission has been edited to reflect this change.

Then if you are using a talisman of calling, you still require the applicable talisman of calling strengths and weaknesses clearly labeled. A generic commentary will not be enough.

Malok said:
advantages: A wearer of the Talisman is always - discreetly - armed. The weight of a ring is vastly lighter than that of most items. Only the item is linked to the Talisman, meaning anyone knowing the incantation can beckon it.

Malok said:
  • An item "sacrificed" to the Talisman can only exist in the physical realm for two hours at a time. When returned to the Mist, the item cannot be beckoned again until two hours pass.
  • A Talisman can only be bonded to a single item — choose wisely.
  • Only Force-crafted items can be utilized. Attempts to "sacrifice" mundane items will simply result in their being lost.
  • Ysalamir Fields disrupt the intermediary process, resulting in the item's premature return to the Mist.
  • Destruction of the Talisman results in the item's being lost. Permanently. Likewise, damage to the item is not undone upon returning to the Mist — when it's destroyed, it's destroyed.

Edited strengths and weaknesses.

As the weapon itself loses its "powers" in a force nullification field, I replaced it with the weapon being removed to the Mist. Thus there is no "loses special perks of being force imbued" weakness.
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