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Audric Von Tambrin

Audric Von Tambrin

NAME: Audric Von Tambrin​
AGE: 19​
HEIGHT: 5.3​
WEIGHT: 120​
EYES: silver​
HAIR: knee length black hair​
SKIN: What is your character's skin color?​
FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, but he really douse not know it​
STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum): His weaknesses are that his right arm is weaker than his left, he is constantly haunted by flash backs of the pain his brother Aleron put him through. Very shy at first. Hes bigest weakness would be the fear he has of his brother.​
Strengths: He is very soft spoken and kind. Very Protective of ones younger than him, and his kind voice seems to calm nearly anyone around him.​
BIOGRAPHY: Audric’s past is one left on said. He was born as the middle brother of three sons. Aleron his older brother by 10 years, and Aramis younger by 6. Audric accused of being none blood related to was nearly killed him while Aleron trained him with the swords. Audric nearly had his right arm cut off that day,after the blade hit him in the shoulder near his neck. Aleron continued to torcher Audric, as he got older, until after their mother died and Audric ran away. He ended up at a shipyard to help work on broken ships in need of repairs. While working on an engine the belt snapped, and twitted his arm into the side of the engine almost braking it. When he was finely freed, he had nearly passed out from the pain and bloodloss. 7 years after that he ran into his brothers again, and this time Aleron and Audric fought hard, But Audric still lost, and again nearly lost his arm *again*in the fight, he got cut across his right eye in this fight as well.​

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