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Auction: The Next Book of Velok

Velok the Younger

When I Was A Young Warthog

Following on the success of 'Girawn, Sion, Calypho: Pain as Guide and Servant' and 'To Pass Unchallenged: The Legacy of Alema Rar,' Velok of Toola will soon release his third book of Dark Side scholarship. The topic is undisclosed at this time. Like his previous works, only ten copies of this book will be created, four of which are up for auction, sight unseen.

As the four books are identical, each bid will be considered for all books. The four best bids (no matter who makes them) will earn the four books. You cannot offer a bid for more than one book: the four books will go to four separate bidders.

Barter is accepted and often preferred. The auction will continue for 48 hours.

  • LOT A (x4): One copy of Velok's upcoming book
Keepin Corellia Weird
Translations & Notations on the first half of the Taurannik Codex, by one known to have mastered and improvised those techniques. This much of the primer would allow summoning of lesser to moderate beings (and their binding or banishing) and creation of lesser tears in reality through which one could feasibly pass through.

[member="Velok the Younger"]

Tabigarashu Madara

Good things come in smol packages
Hirou had been very, very pleased to receive their copy of 'Girawn, Sion, Calypho: Pain as Guide and Servant,' by Velok of Toola. The aspects of Force application were completely academic for the little Nezumi, but they had spent hours pouring over the pages. They had started reading of course in basic, but the beautiful script and illustrations had drawn them to start learning the Kissai dialect. It was slow going- Hirou wasn't as young as they used to be, after all, but with the help of [member="Darth Saarai"] and the side by side translations, the Nezumi had been so proud to be able to finally do their third read through of the text with the basic pages completely covered. They had borrowed the second in the series, 'To Pass Unchallenged: The Legacy of Alema Rar,' by Velok of Toola, from Saarai to read as well. It was harder going, working through the High Sith without first reading through it in basic, but Hirou took immense pride in it when they reached the end. There was a certain appreciation, not only for the text, but for the knowledge that Hirou *knew* the author! Really, receiving a copy of their own of the first book had left them quite chuffed indeed.

So when word came down, that a new volume would be coming soon? Hirou couldn't wait.

Naturally acquisitive, even when not owning the second book, Hirou did not pretend they did not want the third for their very own.

So they thought. And mulled. And thought some more.

But what did a little Nezumi have to offer someone like Velok of Toola? Everything Hirou owned were gifts given, and the Nezumi as a whole considered the act of giving a special act in and of itself. It would not be right then, to use any of those things to 'buy' this now, no matter how much Hirou wanted it.

In the end the bid that came through was very modest indeed:

1 Nezumi sized blaster (single shot), barely used. 1 fusion cutter, used but well cared for. 1 durasteel chain necklace, of Nezumi craft (might fit your finger?). 1 set of Nezumi goggles, used but well cared for.

Hirou debated a bit, back and forth, on the last item they considered adding. What really worth was it? What they had seen of Velok, what they knew from Saarai, was it a strange thing to offer? Probably. But Hirou put it anyway.

Regardless of the acceptance of the bid, the friendship of Tabigarashu Madara.

Satisfied, Hirou hopped off of the keyboard (they had been pressing each key individually with both paws, these messages took some time to compose), and hit send.

Xevek Nekonis

From The Shadows
Growling to himself in annoyance, a rhythmic tapping of his claws on the desk he sat at shattering the otherwise still silence of the room. Xevek had seen mentions of these tomes written by Velok of Toola, nothing more than whispers, and yet here was now his chance to bid upon what appeared to be the third in the series. He had to admit, he had a fondness for legitimate tomes, those comprised of paper and leather, rather than books loaded upon datapads where the care seemed lacking to him. That opinion of his, plus his desire to simply learn of the more esoteric and obscure aspects of the Force meant that he was heavily considering throwing his lot into the bid for one of the four rare tomes.

The only problem that Xevek was grappling with was that he had no idea as to what he could offer to a Sith Lord that said Sith would not be able to acquire himself. Credits were certainly not something he could offer a huge sum of, the only funds he had were those left over from his now-decimated Clan and the winnings he had earned as a gladiator within the pits of Nar Shadaa before travelling to the Empire. His tapping came to an end as his thoughts stopped trying to conjure up ideas of what to offer as his amber gaze landed on the stack of paper set to one side of his desk where, in what someone would generously call scratches made in ink, Xevek had transcribed the teaching of Darth Wyyrlok III from said ancient Sith's holocron that his Master owned and permitted him to study. Struck by his desire for knowledge and the tome, Xevek did not give any thought to whether or not he should be so free with the knowledge that his Master had let him access, along with the knowledge that he had pilfered from the holocron without [member="Darth Excidium"]'s knowledge - or so Xevek hoped. Hesitantly, he began to type out an offer.

'1 set of notes containing the precise transcriptions of Darth Wyyrlok III's lessons towards the Mastery of Memory Walking from Darth Wyyrlok III's holocron.'
'1 set of notes containing the precis transcriptions of Darth Wyyrlok III's lessons towards the conjuration of Illusions through Dark Sorceries from Darth Wyyrlok III's holocron - one example being a Spell to envelope the target within an Illusion depicting their greatest fears that strengthen the longer the spell is held, potentially locking the target in eternal torment (commonly simply referred to as Summon Fear).'

Pausing before sending in his bid, Xevek gave no thought towards how Darth Excidium might react upon his offering of knowledge from Wyyrlok III's holocron such was his lust for knowledge but instead ruminated on the simple durasteel sabre that rested against the edge of the desk. In the end, he sighed and added one final line to the bid before sending it.

'1 bladed weapon forged to Iridonian standards with basic Force Imbuement (longer edge retention, resistance to warping, improved cutting potential and improved susceptibility to the channeling Force through the weapon as well as further enhancement through Alchemy or Sorcery.'


The Damn-Forged
Why was Thraxis here? That was a fantastic question, the man who was quickly becoming addicted to gambling came here for one reason. A book. Could he read? Yes. Could he use what he would learn in this Specific book? Uh... Well no. But that didn't mean it didn't have it's uses. Who know's, it might have ways to protect oneself from the malignant Darkside, or even way's to handle light side in maybe a very small paragraph. But there was one even more keen benefit, in Auction's he had learnt that items were king and that you could give every credit in the galaxy to a man and if someone offered so much as a Rare shred of a Force USer's robe they would take that one time out of ten before the other. Which, one might think isn't a lot, but remember. This is every credit versus a shred of cloth.

But he digressed, he looked it over, pulled a few channels about the man who produced it. He seemed to be a Sith Lord at least, better than buying from an Acolyte and their self-published Essay. He ran a finger against his chin, looking it over before making some proclamations. Since he didn't win M14, he now wasn't so strapped for cash, or at least, disposable cash. But this man wanted to loot, he was sure he could do that. He ran through his previous winnings. "Hm... Not quite ready to part with them... Plus that ring is worthless to non-Lighter..." He paused, rummaging through his Garage.

"I can offer... An All Terrain Centipede thing, Ancient Evil Make. A... Uh... Boy selling my ware's to you Sith is harder than I thought." He sighed, his free hand running through his greased hair before coming to another item to give away, a popular thing any well-wanting villain could find a use for. "Oh, Right Knurr. I got Knurr. I'll sell ya Ten Crates of the stuff and... Six Thousand Credits. ALways good to have spare change amiright?" He stated, flicking off the last of the goods. He wasn't going to go much higher than that, this was just happy coincidences if he could one really. Not much more than that.

Akela Ru

Most Adorable Ball of Adorable
[member="Velok the Younger"]

There was a book.... she didn't know how to realy read yet but books had pictures and she had stolen [member="Valae Kitra"]'s holonet ID. "I offer two free hugs." She was looking at the screen and trying to make sure she was in frame smiling wide."


I'm Sorry Dave
Roleplay Judge
When Adrian had acquired one of [member="Velok the Younger"]'s texts at the mystery auction, he had been overjoyed. While he had little talent for stealth, the young man had never been able to pass up the opportunity to read more, learn more. After finishing the fascinating volume, he had started looking for copies of the Whiphid's first book, though it was far from simple. They were exceedingly rare, after all. It would have been much easier if he could purchase it from the original source, which was why he had been so pleased to hear about this auction.

Of course, therein lies the problem. The original source was a Sith Lord, a renowned scholar no less, which meant that it would be a challenge to find a bid worthy of him. Mere credits would likely not do the trick, not this time.

He could have outbid [member="Xevek Rakama"] by providing more detailed transcriptions of Wyyrlok III's teachings, but that would be far too great a risk. He was not supposed to have the Holocron, after all, having stolen it from the good Darth's quarters after his sudden departure. No, that was one thing he couldn't admit to possessing, even for an object as enticing as this one.

That being said, he did have something. The Whiphid had bid heavily on starships during the mystery auction, winning all but two of the Lots. It was a shot in the dark, but perhaps Velok would need Starfighters for his new flotilla.

"Two squadrons of Firebird Series Starfighters (FS-01, -02, or -03) or two squadrons of VCH's upcoming Galewind Series."

Hitting send, he leaned back in his chair, wondering how long it would take for him to receive another annoyed holocall from his Director of Finance. The Muun might be a brilliant economist, but he had no appreciation for the wonders of the dark side, even going so far as accusing Adrian of "wasteful spending". How silly. As if material wealth, however pleasant, could ever compare to the mysteries of the Force. Then again, there was a reason why he, for the most part, had other people run his company for him.

Velok the Younger

When I Was A Young Warthog
  • [member="Tabigarashu Madara"], because he will appreciate it best.
  • [member="Xevek Rakama"], because Wyyrlok's writings are of great interest, and because I'm curious to see what he does with it.
  • [member="Thraxis"], because that vehicle will be extremely useful.
  • [member="Adrian Vandiir"], because the Whiphid people need starfighters, and because I'm curious to see what he does with it.

Xevek Nekonis

From The Shadows
[member="Velok the Younger"]

A smirk of satisfaction spread across Xevek's lips as he saw that his bid was one of the accepted ones. Turning from the holoprojector, he began the task of copying down the transcripts of Wyyrlok III's holocron in exact before sending them off towards the seller's holonet address with an additional message tagged beneath. 'Please reply with the style of bladed weapon you would like forged and a location to deliver it upon completion.'