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The Black Flame
The time to initiate what is OOCly referred to as Operation: Dick in the Pie. This operation will be the Fel traveling to Bastion to start NFU rebellions against the Sith Empire. Ronin will travel to Bastion with the Phoenix Legion with guns and armor for the civilian population and the slaves there. Most of the Graug forces in Sector I were killed during the battle for Ossus and most forces are away to fight the Repbulic.

Our goals in the thread

1. Insight rebellion among the slaves and arm them

2. Plant bombs that destroy the Graug hollows beneath the planet

3. Capture or kill all Sith who are on planet

After Bastion has been brought up to rebellion we will start going into more direct IC threads about other planets starting their uprising. I will start the IC thread soon!

FOR THE IMPERIUM - love your Imperator​


Atlas Kane

Hm, why does the Operation: Dick in the Pie name remind me of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-a40IH6rCM


Like Lightning
Looking good. You mind if I come? maybe a child can get into places where an adult cannot.