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Attempt two at the Infereti Storyline.

Serah Oricion

So, a while back before i went on LOA i had created a planet and species to have a nice storytelling experience with others while allowing others to experience a new society of my design. The Planet and Species are both created and approved and i have the first part of the storyline already scripted out. The Basic overview is you will be crash landing, due to some cause of either being shot down or a faulty hyperdrive. Also Note, the Planet's location will be changed when i resubmit it, the new location is planned to be in the outer rim, unknown space. Oh and with the extinction of the Sith Empire, that part of the Intent is wrong so i will be altering that in the resubmission.

Start Date - March 23rd, 8 Eastern Standard Time, 1pm GMT

Background Information -
Planet : http://starwarsrp.net/topic/16711-iferetes/
Species: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/16726-infereti/
Arthur's Bio: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/21830-arthur-david-hardrada/

Rooster -
1: Logan Hack'awin
2: Adenn Colston
3: Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae
4: Lilythe
5: Helmet Todstern

Storyline -
First thread : The First thread will be the introduction of the planet and the introduction of the main character that players will be interacting with. The series of events will simply be this, depending upon those who sign up it will either be a skirmish in seemingly uninhabited space, or you will all find yourself on one ship traveling to a different system. The Two scenarios end in the same result, you end up in the Iferetes System with your Hyperdrives damaged and are soon crashlanding on the surface. From there you will be accustom to some of the native fauna and what not, as well as meet Arthur Hardrada, the character that i will be making tonight and that will lead you through the storyline and well on your way off the planet.

This is a Multi thread campaign and for anyone that wishes to leave the campaign at any time you may do so and your char will be ICly indisposed by some plausible reason. Also there will be multiple times where death and injury will be open for the player to do, so if you want to kill off your char, or need him to be injured extensively for you to get some metal or something out of it we can work such out so that we can allow you that chance. Though i am not sure how that is judged so dont join just to get a reward.

Finally i wish to say this, for those that join i hope that i can create an intriguing and interesting story that will allow for many RPs to continue long after the campaign is done and perhaps even make a faction out of this in the far future.

Edric Vanyan

The Historian King
Start date has been added in and as an extra note, anyone can join after the start, just got to approach me through PM first so we can square away a reason for you just then popping in.

Edit: I also need someone to play a certain character if they want. One of the Groups on the planet is called Matrians and i need someone to play a matriarch. The reason i dont myself is... plain and simple i got this char to deal with and the fact that i want to let people help me out with this project... and im not that good at playing female characters much less a matriarch.

Description of Matrians is.... This >
As i stated just in the paragraph above, is the Amazon warrior like Matrians. They are a sub group that operates outside of the command of the king of Iferetes. Holding a belief that while the king and his bloodline are in power, females of the species will always be seen as nothing more than tools. The only one that they have come to peaceful terms with is that of Arthur Hardrada, first son of the current king and fifth in line for the crown. Such a reason is simply his outlook on the current system of government and the caste themselves allowing for a small bit of understanding between the Matrians and Arthur.

Josiah Saedrin

Hmm... You said, that it's possible to leave the campaign before the end, but is it possible to join a bit later? At the moment, I need to focus on two other mini-tiny-stuff events, so...

The Librarian

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@[member="Helmut Todstern"]

Welcome aboard for the ride,.

Ok so i fell asleep writing the opening post, so the campaign will be starting a dozen or so minutes late. The way this is going to play is im going to let the thread open with you all on a pleasure cruise for some R and R as the hyper drive cuts out and throws you into near gravity of the planet, with no time to correct your approach the ship is going to crash and from there i will be on Arthur ICly. Ill let the RP go on abit before having the ship crash and will play the captain as he goes around introducing himself to you through ARthur's account.

Edric Vanyan

The Historian King
BTW and someone brought this to mind while i was talking to them, if a Jedi, Sith, Dark Jedi, or any other type of Force User joined in that would be greatly appreciated. Mainly for IC reasons as the religion of the planet is one that worships the force and it would be interesting to have a force user or even several from different groups around and depending on which type does come along if any is the type of training i would be seeking after the campaign for reasons of training in the Force. As my char is Force sensitive, which is kinda obvious if i need someone to train him....

Helmut Todstern

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I guess I'm out of the thread?

I really have no way to enter without it not making very much sense at all, SO, just ignore that I signed up for this.