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Approved Planet Atrisia VII (Moritama)

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Baifa Monü Zhuan
  • Planet Name: Moritama
  • Demonym: Atrisian
  • Region: Core World
  • System Name: Atrisi system
  • System Features: The Atrisian System is a 9 planet solar system organized around a single star (Atrisi). Inner planets are terrestrial in composition, with the outer planets being gas giants and ice giants. Atrisia VII is the seventh planet from the sun in the system. With 1 gas giant that its largest moon Moritama orbits and twenty two smaller moons that are being terraformed as part of the Jishi era's restructuring of the entire system. The planet and its moons are enclosed in an Anshin class sphere that is used for living population and organization as well as defensive measures. The mega structure can develop and serve as a tertiary shipyard or manufacturing hub.
  • Location: Chaos Map
  • Major Imports: Refugees
  • Major Exports: Spices, silks, artworks and jewelry
  • Unexploited Resources: N/A
  • Gravity: .75 Standard
  • Climate: Terraformed atmospheric controlled to be terrestial and varied with deserts and jungle near the equater and polar regions at the capes.
  • Primary Terrain: Cityscape with oceans and large mountains
  • Atmosphere: Type I
  • Capital City: Mori
  • Planetary Features: Large mountain ranges lined with cities and buildings. Massive sprawling urban centers of commerce and living interwoven with an interconnected waterway system and bridges.
  • Major Locations:
    • Atrisian Transportation Network Hub: Created and connected to the Atrisian network of advanced transportation between the worlds and locations on the world.
    • Mori: Central city, large in scale with interconnected islands and underwater tunnels as well as bridges making transportation quick. High speed rails and ports.
    • Mega Blocks: Massive in size and self contained cities able to house tens of to hundreds of thousands. Refugees and immigrants from Ryloth or other worlds with twi'leks are able to stay within.
    • New Aaloth: Named after an ancient twi'lek colony the city itself is a massive trade hub and houses the jedi temple for the world. Welcoming many jedi.
    • Secura Temple: The golden temple dedicated to jedi and training jedi sentinels in the ways to resist mental influences that they might encounter.
  • Native Species: N/A
  • Immigrated Species:
  • Population: Moderate
  • Demographics: Largely a twi'lek population with Atrisian colonists that have given to the species land and technologies to rebuild their lives. The mixture of largely human and twi'lek families on Horai have brought hybrid Twirisians who have starkly atrisian features but come in a wide range of colors and have lekku.
  • Primary Languages: Basic, Atrisian Script, Ryl
  • Culture: Adopting many aspects of Twi'lek culture such as a clan system that controls various cities across the planet. With art and history being an important thign to pass on so refugees and those who move to the world aare able to stay connected to ryloth and other colonies. Celebraations that are able to be worked into the Commonwealths events are done but all of the important holidays and events are given importance. From the emperor the head of the planet who oversees and speaks for the collected voice and decisions of the clans is in a neutral zone of the planet. Their own military forces being given a chance to grow and develop with the planet as an arm of the Atrisian defense force. The Exepedition force is meant to be able to return to Ryloth and other colonies that might be in danger of attacks around the galaxy.
  • Government: Assembly of clan leaders with a representative who speaks to the Emperor
  • Affiliation: Atrisian Commonwealth (Planetary Government)
  • Wealth: Wealthy: Producing heavy amounts of spices that can be refined from other moons and for legal sale. The twi'leks have turned their skills into a business as they safely produce it, refine it and sell it for outer rime suppliers in a legit business sense and then it goes to vetted buyers. The transactions as the middlemen gives them a portion of all sales bringing credits in a large flow. Exportation of silks and jewelry is a major thing for the core worlds that want 'exotic' pieces from lower species as some of the rich would think.
  • Stability: High: Adopting many of the things that function within the Commonwealth the government on the planet uses advanced technologies like self sustaining units, advanced irrigation methodss and manufacturing to give work as well as the basic needs to all of the people on the planet with room for it to grow.
  • Freedom & Oppression: Free within reason, the Commonwealth itself doesn't police the citizens of the planet the clans establish their rules and each control their city. Allowing improvements and changes as needed but they are funded and given the support of the Commonwealth as it is needed.
  • Military: The planet itself doesn't have its own military instead operating under the protection of the Atrisian Defense force and serving as one of the primary sources for ore and resources used in the construction of ships. Its cloning facilities are protected even more providing crew to the mines and ships.
    • Atrisian Defense Forces The royal navy is the primary military forces defending the stations and planet with it being the most internal and insulated with its own contingent of living areas and the terraformed moons that house science and military personnel.
    • Twi'lek Defensive Militia: Created from the new shipyards and made two function as a mixture defensive and evacuation craft. THe militia is meant to rescue exploited twi'leks and bring them to a safehaven.
  • Technology: Atrisian Standard: Heavy design on self sustaining technologies, terraforming and advanced research into weapons and starships.
An ancient treaty from the Atrisian Empire and the peoples of Ryloth... as a means to try and expand their influences. It didn't last in terms of agreements, the ones making it disappearing but the documents remained.. the means by which they could help remained and after one of the attacks on Ryloth the clans asked for aid. The emperor within the new Jishi era providing it as they were working on terraforming worlds and moons across the system. One of the moons was offered, the largest around one of the gas giants and a chance that they would be able to expand to the other moons if they needed to. The emperors invitation functioned well enough and with their terraforming efforts on the inner worlds proving highly effective, they managed to put the same efforts into the outer worlds. Improving the viability of the planet for life, using the anshin in space to encase the world but also the moons behind their own shielding and with their different stations to start off while awaiting the early colonists. As the colonists began to make a home and the cities continued to with the droids be built to spec as needed the first ships of refugees and those seeking new fortune and life on the world came. Taking to the various cities with their clans and some who were not in large enough clans taking up into smaller controlled megablocks where they could have their own smaller contained cities within the larger ones. The Commonwealth has aided them and given the chance to grow as many of the businesses established by the clans work within their wheelhouse of art and even legal spice trading and refining.
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