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Athéirûn Beorlundsson, Prince of Midvinter

King of Midvinter

NAME: Athéirûn Beorlundsson
RANK: Prince of Midvinter and the Valkyri people
SPECIES: Valkyri
AGE: 50; physically 25
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6' 10"
WEIGHT: 120 kg
EYES: Deep Blue
HAIR: Light Blonde
SKIN: Caucasian; slightly tanned



+ Strength of Odiir: Due to his Valkyri blood and rigorous training, his physical strength surpasses that of common men.
+ Spirit of Helm : Like most of his kind, he shares a passion for warfare and demonstrates great skill of might and cunning alike on the battlefield.
+ Heart of Runa: A gentle giant, Athéirûn never regard anyone as his enemy without good cause, and looks to safeguard all life from harm.
+ Skill of Teign: While not a noteworthy smith, he has shown great promise in making trinkets out of seemingly nothing, serving as a hobby of his.
+ Cunning of Éar: More than a powerful melee fighter, the Prince of the Valkyri has adopted the smarts of his father to serve him on and off the battlefield, making him an able tactician and leader of men.

= Royal Blood: His father being the High King of Midvinter, Athéirûn has been given the best education possible, taught by scholars from the four corners of the Galaxy. He does however carry a disdain for politics and governments in general because of the lack of attention given to him by his father.
= Adored Successor: As the Prince of Midvinter, he has shown himself a born leader and benevolent future High King, and his people adore him. This puts a lot of pressure on him, as he is unsure whether he wishes to ascend the throne when the time comes and serve his people, or committ to his personal wants in life.

- Rebellious: To spite his father, he has left Midvinter in search of this mystical entity known as the 'Force', marking him as one of the first Valkyri to explore the ever growing Galaxy. His father issues sometimes make him take out his frustration on others, undeservingly so.
- Simple-Minded: The Valkyri are not known for their sharp minds, though most would argue the Prince's wits are sharper than most of his kind. Not a great thinker in his own eyes, he prefers to let others do the talking.
- The Old Ways: Unlike his father, Athéirûn holds the traditions of his people dear to his heart, thus granting him no small amount of difficulty accepting other views of life. Nevertheless, he will do his best to respect other religions and beliefs, such as the Force.


Like all Valkyri, Prince Athéirûn is much taller and heavier than the average human, and way stronger; the fist of a Valkyri easily dwarfs that of a human. Blue eyes and blonde hair are both common in his species, and he is no exception to this rule; his hair reaches down well past his shoulders and is largely unkempt with a few braids. As a young man having only recently grown out of adolescence, his beard is just beginning to take shape. Being of royal blood, he wears the finest Valkyri armor forged in the fires of Teign, God of Smithing and Craftmanship, by the best blacksmiths of Midvinter. His many exploits in the wilds prior to leaving his home planet has tarnished its former appearance, giving it a rugged look with lots of scratches and minor dents to serve as a testament to his wealth of experience in the field. He wields a sword given to him by his grandfather upon his passing, said to have slain the very first Hrothwûrm ever to fall at the hands of the Valkyri, many ages ago.


Upon ascending the Ice Throne of Tháinbroek, High King Beorlund the Bold and his wife had already been given a son by the grace of the Gods, who was but a toddler at the time. As such, young Athéirûn was more or less born and raised in the capital city of Midvinter, home of the Valkyri. He was everything good in being Valkyri; strong yet gentle, charismatic yet humble. Destined to surpass his father and become the next High King of his people, who all adore him, he grew up much like any other Valkyri child; regular exercises to improve one's strength, endurance, crafting and hunting skills, along with his father bringing in the greatest minds of the Galaxy to tutor him in subjects such as politics, diplomacy and trade, have all shaped him into the fine man he is today. In his late adolescence he would on many occasions journey into the wilds to survive on his own for days at a time, much to the disdain of his father, who at this point had grown gray-of-hair and bitter during his long years on the throne.

Years went by, with more and more outsiders travelling to Midvinter at the bidding of the High King, who have issued that his people are in need of an "improved way of life", as he put it, bringing with them advanced technology in hopes of adopting it into Valkyri society. This has left a foul taste in the mouths of his people, as the vast majority are heavily set in the old, traditional Valkyri ways, and have never desired to be "improved" upon. His son doubly so, since Athéirûn already held a grudge against his father. Refusing to take part in his father's plans of industrialising his people, he left Midvinter disguised as a passenger aboard one of the outsider ships. He had heard of this thing called "the Force", and immidiately the spirit of adventure grasped him, as he now seeks to find out about this appearant gift of the Gods.