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At the eches of honor.

Verd Ordo

Nar Shada.

Verd sat in one of nar Shada's many cantinas drinking some kind of alcol, he didn't even want to know watt it was, his helmet put down on the table. "why do I keep coming back to the ball of hut slime"

@[member="Circe Savan"]
It's Real to Pretend
"Perhaps because you find those persons who can utilize your services." A soft smile hit the face of Circe Savan as she took a seat across from the Mandalorian. "I have a proposal for you, my dear Mando. Would you be interested in hearing it?"

A chuckle crossed her lips as she prepared to hear his response.

@[member="Verd Ordo"]

Verd Ordo

Verd looked up, and smiled behind his helmet, this woman had a disarming smile.. "Thad dependeds on watt your proposal is, but im willing to hear you out." @[member="Circe Savan"]