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Approved NPC AT Slave Batch

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Intent: To Give Acaleus Thorn a workforce for him to use for his company
​Image Credit: none
Role: Cheap and well trained workforce


Group Name: AT Slave Batch
Classification: Elite production workforce
Headquarters: Nal Hutta
Loyalties: Acaleus Thorn
Group Sigil: N/A
Description: These custom Evocii are genetically bread for physical size, strength, and endurance. Due to this they have also received obedience and loyalty training to whoever they are given too. This batch was made as a gift from Zelgetha the Hutt to begin an economic alliance between Acaleus Thorn and his company. In return Thorn would create a custom pleasure ship, and a shipment of weapons for the nasty cretin. This Elite workforce has obedience training and physical training and were trained to use construction equipment, and to do whatever labor tasks would be needed of them. While Thorn is not fond of slaves, this batch can easily be converted into cheap labor. A batch means one thousand slaves in Zelgtha's and therefore take time to train to the buyers satisfaction. As such this batch will not be ready for another two years, however , once this batch is ready. The product will immediately be sent, to Acaleus Thorn for his use, and await Zelgetha's Slave city for pick up. Should he free the batch , and make them cheap labor, the beings will willingly do his bidding.


Hierarchy: As slaves their hierarchy consists of the stronger males tending to be in charge , bullying those who are weaker. With this being said, their is no official ranking system.

Membership: Each slave is divided into teams of ten, and work within those teams, they are born into their roles and work accordingly per instructions.

Dogma/Doctrines: These beings were conditioned to work hard, and expect nothing in return but food and water. These Evocii workers have no ability of independent thought due to the psychological restructuring that Zelgetha implemented in their program to turn these beings into slaves.

Curios: N/A

Goals: To Work for Acaleus Thorn , and help his company to succeed.


Being one of the first batches not to be sold by Zelgetha’s Slave market. This Batch was specifically made to complete a deal made between Thorn’s company, and the sluggish being. This crime lord conducted and turn this batch into one of the more elite workforce. This deal gave the disgusting and dirty being a partner in crime, one which would help him in the future. The psychologist made a customized slaving plan for this batch as a gesture to Acaleus.
Hello there, I'll be overseeing this submission!

Firstly, I'm going to need you to make sure each section of the Template is completed. The hierarchy section is currently empty, and the membership section makes no sense. It's a group of individuals, meaning there is membership. How are they chosen? You state that they're bred for the task, so you can add in that they're born into their roles. The curios section currently reads more like a description, so please move it over to that area. If they have a specific brand which marks them as a slave, or an item specific to their position, you can add that under curios. If not you can simply add N/A. I'd also like to see at least a sentence for their goals, rather than a single verb.

I'd also like you to link the Evocii under the links section, and a link to Thorn under loyalties.

Tend to the above, and then we can get into this sub properly.

[member="Zelgetha The Hutt"]
[member="Zelgetha The Hutt"]

A few of my requests have not been tended to, namely:

- Link to Thorn's biography or profile page
- Link to the Evocii Species
- Expand upon their goals, at the very least forming a complete sentence for it.

Though you don't have any named members, I am curious at how many men strong this batch of slaves is. Could I get a rough estimate (it doesn't have to be an exact number) on how many slaves there are?

I also find it a little contradictory that these slaves were bred specifically to gift to Thorn, given how long it would take for them to reach peak age. Do you mean that their training was altered specifically to meet the needs of Thorn, and if so could you please clarify as much.
[member="Asha Hex"]

My company which is linked has the ability of having Four batches of slaves a year, and therefore this batch is still being trained. The purpose of this is to have this submited so when they do come of age to work. This is here to show them their strengths, and to be used as a resource for Acaleus to see fit as we both made a deal It is not contradictory to follow through on deals or give what the customer wants. This batch therefore is one of the four batches trained as asked.
[member="Zelgetha The Hutt"]

Could you add mention to the fact that at the time of the deal with Thorn the batch was not ready to be shipped out yet, this can just go into the history so that when they are able to be used you won't have to alter the submission at all. And can you also add under the description the fact that a batch = 1,000 slaves. I understand that this is already stated within the company submission, however it still needs mentioning here.
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