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Approved Tech AT-SA (All Terrain Siege Assault) Walker

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Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command
Credit - http://quesocito.deviantart.com/

Intent: To create a replacement for the aging AT-AT and give the Galactic Empire some flair. #swag
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Imperial Shipworks
Model: AWR-36 AT-SA (All Terrain Siege Assault)
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Production: Mass Production
Material: Durasteel/Duraplast
The declaration of the new Galactic Empire promoted a major reform for weapons and military development in and around Atrisia. The old designs that had been used to secure the systems independence and forge the nascent Empire were hopelessly outdated, and to compete on a galactic scale new tools of war needed to be forged.

The AT-AT was a staple of basically every would-be Empire for hundreds of years. By now it was old, and while still an exceptionally tough war machine had numerous vulnerabilities and comparatively limited offensive capability. A joint project by Junbei Hao, Imperial Shipworks, Leviathan Industries, and some Asha'laider was formed to design a replacement. The AT-SA is the result.

Compared to its predecessor, the AT-SA is bigger, heavier, and slower. It is also much more heavily armed and lacks many of earlier vulnerabilities. The most prominent weakness in the AT-AT was it's instability and inefficient leg gyros. The solution devised here was to add a third pair of legs for stability, and to lower the vehicle's center of gravity. The design of the legs was also changed to a much more durable model. Finally, a shield generator was added to the front of the walker (the large dome on the nose). It was limited in its scope, however, only providing around 180 degrees of coverage (though it could be rotated) and demanding large reserves of energy, limiting the rate of fire on most weapons while active.

The vehicle was also widened. Some of this was converted to extra armor, but most of it was to expand and improve the power distribution, allowing for an increased array of weapons. A Mass Driver Cannon, similar to the weapon on the old AT-TE was added to a turret on top. The head-like command pod was attached directly to the body, giving it decreased mobility but mostly removing the vulnerable neck connection.

The Mass Driver Cannon is a very large railgun, capable of accelerating projectiles up to 12 km/s (typically less, depending on the type of projectile and atmospheric conditions). Many different types of rounds are carried by the AT-SA, from dedicated Armor Penetrators to High Explosive Plasma Rounds, to Ion Burst and everything in between. This gives the AT-SA tremendous versatility when it comes to engaging targets at long range.

A number of smaller weapons, including several anti-personnel blasters and anti-air missiles, were added to increase the versatility of the craft in battle, which had the main effect of increasing the required crew complement. While the walker can be controlled in an emergency with only a single pilot, this is very limiting. The wide array of weapons means that few can be centrally controlled, and require individual gunners, which can limit the ability of the walker to focus fire in a chaotic battlefield.

Overall the project was considered a wild success, and the AWR-36 (following standard Imperial naming convention: Armored, Walker, Transport) AT-SA was quickly approved for mass production, and slated to replace the AT-AT within the year.
Role: Heavy Assault Walker
Height: 20.2 meters
Length: 31 meters
Width: 12 meters
Weight: 282 tons
Minimum Crew: 1 pilot, but most of the weapons will be inoperable, and it's hard to control.
Optimal Crew: 8. Commander, Pilot, and Co-Pilot in the head. One gunner each for the quad-turrets and the dorsal turret, a single rear Gunner, and a Crew Chief.
Propulsion: Hexapedal
Top Speed: 50 km/h

  • Dorsal Turret w/ Mass Driver Cannon

  • 2 x Dual Laser Cannon Turret

  • 2 x Quad Blaster Cannon Turret

  • 2 x Gatling Repeater Blaster

  • 2 x Anti-Personnel Repeating Blaster Cannon (one under the head, one at the rear).

  • 24 x Medium Range Air Intercept Missile (12 packs on each side)
Passenger Capacity: 50 troops with full gear. Alternatively, 2 bipedal walkers and 6 speederbikes can be accommodated in an alternate internal layout.
Cargo Capacity: 10 tons, not including passenger equipment
Misc. Equipment:

  • Communications Suite

  • Advanced Sensor Suite

  • Fire Control Suite

  • 24 x Utility Canister Launcher (Smoke, Flares, IR Chaff, etc.)
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