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Asserter Class Dreadnought

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Intent: To serve as a command ship for the Atrasian Empire.

Development Thread: none

Manufacturer: Kuat shipyards

Model: Asserter class dreadnought

Affiliation: Atrasian Empire

Production: Unique

Material:Titanium-reinforced alusteel

Description: The Asserter class ship has a body similar to that if the super star destroyer class but has about three times the armament. Though the ship may be heavily armed, it is hard to maneuver. What it lacks in speed it makes up for in size and firepower.

Role: Command Ship

Height: 2342.1 meters

Width: 7,615.6 meters

Length: 15,031.3 meters

Power Core Generator/Reactor: Peak (reactor): ≈5.01 × 1027

Hyperdrive Rating: class 2. Backup class 10

Minimum Crew: 60,000

Optimal Crew: 192,984

Armaments: 720-teraton Super Heavy Turbolasers (384) (192x2)
240-teraton HTL (2156) (539x4)
40-teraton HTL (2128) (266x8)
240-teraton ion cannon (240) (60x4)
Tractor Beam Projectors (12)
Gravity Well Generators (5)
Thousands of Lesser Weapons
Single Superlaser

Non-Combative Attachments: Engine unit(s)
KDY Destroyer-I ion engine (22)
Hyperdrive rating
Class 2
Backup Class 10
Hyperdrive system
M-I Hyperdrive Motivator

Passenger Capacity: 150,000

Cargo Capacity: 150,000 metric tons. Supplies for 200 individuals

Consumables: 12 years

Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: hard to maneuver.
OK then.

  • No ship over 2 kilometres will be approved for any faction, with exception of special RPJ-approved event technology.
  • An individual character may not create a ship greater than 400 meters in length. Such ships must be owned by a Faction (Major or Minor), and may be captained by the character, but in case of leaving will not go with them without exceptional circumstances. Station designs will be on a case by case basis, but do not expect them to be more than a handful of kilometres.
  • Minor factions are permitted unique, PC-captained ships up to a length of 1,000 meters. New Major factions are allowed mass-produced ships up to 1,000 meters in length. A faction development thread will allow the Major faction build up to the present cap of 2,000 meters.
  • If you submit an upgraded version of a ship that does not exist in Star Wars canon, you must submit the basic model of the ship as well in a separate entry, in the interest of expanding SWRP lore.

This ship is 13km too large. Please change it immediately to comply with the tech submission rules.
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