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Assadar Ilrast


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Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 1.95 m
Weight: 95 kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
Skin: Caucasian


Scholar: Assadar has a keen interest in the secrets of the force and a working theoretical knowledge of the dark side.

Cunning: Assadar's keen intellect and highly analytical mind serve him well in dangerous situations, often allowing him to worm his way out of a tight spot.

Strong Connection to the force: Assadar is a capable force user and has demonstrated an exceptional ability to quickly master new techniques.

Cold and Calculating: Assadar's life has been filled with pain and suffering, and as a consequence he has become selfish, opportunistic, detached and heartless. His resulting lack of emotional attachments can be seen as both an asset and a liability.

Non-combatant: In a world of cyborgs, aliens, and genetically enhanced murder machines, Assadar enjoys only the limited strength and endurance of the average human. His power derives from his intellect and skill with the force, but he is no warrior.

Sub-par Swordsman: Though Assadar is proficient with a lightsaber, his abilities are inferior to those of the average Sith.


Born on the Planet Kegan in the Kessel Sector, Assadar grew up on a small mining outpost. As a child, he always exhibited a keen mind and excelled in academics, but naturally found few outlets for his talents and seemed to be destined, at best, for administrative work in the mines.

However, Assadar's mundane existence was finally interrupted at the age of 15 when his father, by a sheer stroke of luck, discovered a hithero unknown vein of rare spice and managed to establish an extremely profitable business. Assadar was sent off to Coruscant to study, which was just as well; within three years, his father's spice trade had drawn the attention of a particularly viscous gang of pirates, who began extorting him heavily and eventually murdered everyone when he was unable to continue to pay.

Abandoning his comfortable life as a student, Assadar resolved to track down and kill those responsible for his family's murder. The attempt was of course doomed to fail, and he was promptly captured and sold into slavery. It was at this point that the young man discovered his connection to the force, and successfully used his new-found skills to free himself and stow away on a cargo ship. When he emerged he found himself in Imperial space, and, with nowhere else to go, made his way to the Sith Academy on Korriban.

Beginner / Intermediate / Adept / Master

Lightsaber Forms

- Beginner

Force Powers

External: Force abilities that have a direct affect on other objects and people.

Telekinesis - Beginner

Mind Trick - Beginner

Internal: Force abilities that affect only the user.

Force Sense - Beginner

Inertia - Beginner

Total: 9



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Purple Haze
I never killed my character's parents!

I didn't mention them, actually >.>
My character's parents' current status in unknown... luckily.

By the way, @[member="nerdymidgetkid"], you should either change your account name or create a sub-account for that character.