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Ask the Admins

Tavjurn Phil


So after reading the 'Republic Articles' Discussion Thread I was mighty impressed with the new direction this Faction is going in. And I do say, well done to everyone involved in that process. Bravo to the victorious. Though, beware the majority, shall be your next lesson no doubt.

Now I'd like to ask for a few things. Or at least their consideration,

  • 1. Can I we members get a posted list of Faction Staff.
  • Admins
  • Mods
  • etc. thx.

[*]2. Can we members get an Announcements Forum.
  • I know we already have an stickied 'Announcements Thread'. But it's unformatted, never updated on the first post, and impossible to follow or comment towards. I believe Tef has already set the example by creating a Staff Announcements Forum separate from OOC Discussion and Roleplay Discussion. This is wisdom preferred. Thx.

Again. At your leisure and thanks for the consideration. :D


Selena Halcyon

Jedi Master
An Announcements Forum is a decent idea. I'll look into that. At some level though I imagine an announcement forum could be easily overlooked, much in the way that I imagine some overlook the staff announcement forum. I'm gonna take that into consideration though. What I'm more likely to do is just clean up a lot of the forum (as I'm very much about having things streamlined, clean, and fresh) and then

I just formed a list of staff in the resources forum.