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Ashtara Starweaver

Major Faction


OOC Account

Social Information

Name: Ashtara 'Ash' Starweaver
Callsign: Firecracker
Homeworld: N/A - Born on an ISD
Current Locale: TBD
Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Force Sensitive: Yes - Secretly
Force Rank: N/A
Force Alignment: Neutral-Dark

Physical Information

Species: Human
Sex: Feminine
Age: 24
Height: 5'3''
Weight: 115
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Hair Colour: Black
Skin Pigmentation: Olive

The Fel Empire

[member="Marselia Urstalis"] - Former Squadmate
[member="Jared Starchaser"] - Former Squadmate
[member="Tiberius Riggs"] - Plaything/Squadmate


Terrick Starweaver [Father, Deceased]
Ceres Starweaver [Mother, Raptured]


[+]Starfighter Pilot - Possesses keen focus and superior reflexes that are enhanced with the Force. Not being trained, this simply means that she occasionally can sense oncoming danger and react before potential disaster strikes. Basically, she can and does, reliably trust her 'gut' feeling.

[+]Natural Drive - Comes with a 'can do' attitude and pushes herself to the limit, always striving to exceed yesterdays results. This shows the great amount of pride she takes in her performance and what she does. Conversely, she doesn't relax while she works. Ever.

[Optional Attributes WIP]


[-]Emotionally Unstable - Feels chronically empty inside. She masks this by presenting a cold, and often sarcastic front, able to deliver a good tongue-lashing which consequently earned her the callsign: Firecracker. However, pushing down the problem has resulted in the development of self-destructive tendencies, and Ash has an unhealthy addiction to glitterstim, including -and not limited to- looking for the bottom of a bottle whenever she's not on duty.

[-]Fanatically Loyal - Ashtara was conditioned and trained to be blind toward the cause. Worst case scenario, this means she would willingly sacrifice her life and the life of others if it means completing the mission objective.

Ash has dark brown hair that is nearly black that she normally keeps pulled back in a tight bun. Her eyes are dark brown and doe-like, resting on top prominent cheekbones, with lips that seem to be permanently upward-curved at the corners. Her build is slender but athletically fit because of a strict workout regiment she follows. Taking after her mother she is on the shorter side, barely making the five-three mark.


Ashtara was brought to life in the cold blackness of space onboard an Imperial Star Destroyer, knowing mostly the life of a vagabond. Raised in a military atmosphere, Ash learned early on how to fight and survive.
Through her father and mother, she was frequently exposed in her young life to a variety of guerrilla warfare strategies and tactics, working on the sidelines for her fathers unit who took and enforced the will of the Fel Empire, which at the time was believed to have practically vanished into obscurity.
With a desire to one day be in the cockpit herself, Ash toed the line of what she was allowed to do before adulthood. There were a few times she encountered outdated gender biased beliefs of her capabilities, but she used those biases as hurdles to get ahead and prove herself, refusing to ever settle as second best. However, when she finally did reach her dream, the Rapture came, and the group she was with began to come apart at the seams. Following after Marselia and Jared, she knew what they did too: it was time to pack up and move on.

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