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Approved Starship Ascendancy Shadow Droid

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  • Intent: To recreate the fusion of pilot and starfighter from the Dark Empire comics
  • Image Source: Click - Spanish Wookieepedia Article
  • Canon Link: Shadow Droid
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


[*]Defenses: Moderate

[*]Squadron Count: 8
[*]Maneuverability Rating: Average
[*]Speed Rating: Moderate
[*]Hyperdrive Class: N/A

[*]Environmental Systems:

[*]Propulsion Systems:

[*]Sensor and Targeting Systems:

  • Heightened Senses: Because the pilots of these new Shadow Droids are nothing more than brains encased in a cocoon of nutrient-rich fluids, they are directly linked into the starship's external sensors, flight-control and weapons-control systems, and sophisticated tactical computers. This may deprive them of their humanity, but their reflexes and abilities are enhanced far beyond anything they would have otherwise known.
  • Expansive Armament: The Shadow Droids have a wide array of weaponry designed to annihilate enemy starfighters with ruthless efficiency, including multiple laser cannons and several missile launchers.
  • Extensive Defenses: The Shadow Droids do not only possess strong forward deflector shields and a reinforced armor hull, but are further augmented by an interior lining of polarizing insulation and a hearty coat of black ferrosphere paint.
  • No Hyperdrive: Because of all the other advanced systems, the hyperdrive had to be cut out. Thus the Shadow Droids can only be launched from carriers and other ships with a hangar bay.
  • Weak Rear Armor: Most of the design philosophy behind the Shadow Droids was aggression oriented, they were meant to run down enemy ships head-on with zero hesitation or fear. However, their rear armor is substantially weaker than their front armor and a couple good direct strikes can knock out their engines and destroy the entire ship.
  • Dark Side Madness: One of the most sinister additions to the Shadow Droids was the pilot's brain being infused with the Dark Side of the Force upon being connected with the ship's internal systems, allowing the ships to be directed by a competent Dark Side Master during battle and to simultaneously act as a singular unit to better coordinate. However, this comes at a great price as the brains were not meant to handle the immense strain the Dark Side can have upon the psyche, and too often can one find these disembodied brains succumbing to utter madness.
  • Susceptible to Mental Influence: Just as they can be controlled by powerful Dark Side Masters, so too can they be influenced by other forces. Powerful mentalists might be able to break the Dark Side connection between the pilot brains and their dark coordinator, and in doing so can shatter the minds of the Shadow Droids causing them to spiral into destruction.

Over the course of many decades there had been many up and coming pilots fighting on behalf of the Sith Empire in one incarnation or another. Brave young men and women, talented above all others, whose careers are tragically cut short by catastrophe and military disaster. Those who do not die are resigned to a life as an invalid, their bodies broken and useless, never again able to soar among the stars with the same dexterity as before.

It is a crime that the Sith Ascendancy shall not suffer to continue.

Conceived by the dark genius of Darth Carnifex, a new species of starfighter had been wrought in the foul orbital factories above the fortress world of Bastion. Sleek, dark, and outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, sensors, and weapons, the Shadow Droid was destined to become one of the most significant advances in Dark Side technology of the modern era. However, no droid brain was fit enough to pilot such a marvel, and thus the Warmaster turned to the desperate and waylaid pilots who languished in helplessness after their bodies had been broken from battle.

He removed their brains and encased them in a protective cocoon awashed with nutrient fluids, hardwiring them into the Shadow Droid's systems while simultaneously infusing their gray matter with the Dark Side of the Force. Man and machine became interlinked, pilot and starfighter became one. However, in the process of such fusion the humanity was all but stripped from the minds of these once great pilots, but in return they evolved beyond such petty mortal notions.

They were far better than mortal now.

They were the Ascendancy Shadow Droids, and woe be onto any who dared face them in battle.

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[*]Defenses: Average

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[*]Defenses: Moderate
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