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A Sri'la Warrior marches past a row of statues on Alea in 858 ABY
  • Intent: To create Space Goblins!
  • Image Credit: X (Joshua Brian Smith)
  • Canon: N/A
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  • Name: Asa’nyx
  • Designation: Sentient/Sapient
  • Origins: Alea - Home World
  • Average Lifespan: 45-60 GSY
    • 0-3 SW (Infant)
    • 3-6 SW (Child)
    • 6-12 SW (Adolescent)
    • 12 SW-30 GSY (Young Adult)
    • 30-45 GSY (Middle Adult)
    • 65+ GSY (Senior Adult)
  • Estimated Population: Rare
    • 25,000
  • Description: Asa'nyx are a diminutive species that are roughly the size of the Bimm, if slightly smaller. Although lacking in advanced technology, they are a resilient species that is well-suited to harsh environments due to their rapid development cycles, lightning-fast reflexes, and powerful digestive systems. Nevertheless, in the wake of the Siskeen incident which resulted in the deaths of over a million Asa'nyx and their culture, they are almost on the verge of extinction.
  • Breathes: Type I
  • Average Height of Adults:
    • .92 Meters, 36.22 Inches (Females)
    • 1.1 Meters, 43.31 Inches (Males)
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A
  • Skin Color: Virtually All Colors of the Spectrum
  • Hair Color: Virtually All Colors of the Spectrum
  • Distinctions: The Asa’nyx are a universally diminutive species, with individuals very rarely standing above 1.3 meters in vertical stature. However, their most distinct features are their large and expansive ears, which may be flappy like those of a juvenile Matanga or pointed like those of a Sephi, albeit thicker and wider. Most individuals possess a skin tone that is some shade of green, but brown, purple, blue, red, and pink-skinned specimens are not unheard of. In addition, their hair colors can range across all colors of the spectrum. Due to the rigor of life on their home planet and their primitive technological development, aged specimens are rare. However, these individuals tend to possess shrunken and creased features, in addition to diminished intensity of hair color.
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity: Standard
    • ~5% w/ >11,000 Midi-Chlorians Per Cell
    • ~96% w/ <11,000 Midi-Chlorians Per Cell
  • Fast Reproduction and Development: The Asa’nyx have a gestation period of only four months, which in combination with their spectacularly fast development cycle, lends them a striking ability to reproduce at speed. They are able to recover from disasters and events of widespread loss of life very quickly due to their ability to rapidly reproduce. The Asa’nyx evolved this trait by necessity on their home planet, due to infant mortality and nigh-constant predation. However, the true capabilities of their reproduction are far more striking in the context of a more technologically advanced and developed society.
  • Fast Reaction Time and Precise Motor Control: As one of the few species in the galaxy with the theoretical ability to control podracers without sensitivity to the Force, the Asa’nyx possess an extremely fast reaction time, which makes typical Human or Near-Human species seem lethargic by comparison. On average, their simple reaction time is roughly 15 ms for healthy adults, although this does tend to increase as an individual progresses in age. By extension, this also grants them extremely precise motor control, which grants them a number of significant natural advantages in skills and activities such as marksmanship, video games, catching fast-moving thrown objects, and more.
  • Powerful Auditory Perception: Occupying a dual niche as both predator and prey in their native ecosystems, the Asa’nyx possess powerful auditory perception which is capable of picking up the beats of wings in the air, disturbances in foliage from over a hundred meters away, and more. While auditory perception tends to dissipate in individuals of advanced age, it is nonetheless a powerful tool of survival which helped the Asa’nyx thrive in their home ecosystems, in spite of nigh-constant predation.
  • Resilient Digestive System: Capable of digesting raw and uncooked foods, the Asa’nyx are built to survive in harsh and rugged environments. Since they did not have to expend energy cooking or preparing food by necessity, their powerful digestive systems are what ultimately allowed them to thrive on their home planet before the cataclysm.
  • Low Physicality and Petite Stature: The Asa’nyx are a universally diminutive species, standing roughly 2 to 3 feet under the stature of typical Near-Human species. Although they are surprisingly strong for their size, they lack the upper body strength necessary to effectively wield large weapons, such as LMGs, sniper rifles, or rotary blaster cannons unless they are scaled down to accommodate their stature. This also presents severe and obvious disadvantages in melee combat. In addition, their size presents many challenges in day-to-day life, since most accommodations are sized for individuals of typical Human height.
  • Below Average Technological Development: As a relatively new species to the wider galaxy beyond their home world, many individuals do not possess the skills necessary to succeed in a modern information economy. Furthermore, since their diminutive size makes them a poor fit for manual labor, many individuals struggle to find work because they lack both physical strength and professional skills. In addition, many of the precision manufacturing jobs that are ideal for their natural skill set have been automated by droids and other forms of technology.
  • Hypersensitive Auditory Perception (Sonic Weaponry): As a drawback of their powerful auditory perception, Asa’nyx are especially vulnerable to sonic weaponry, especially of the purely non-lethal variety. Sonic waves may trigger debilitating physical pain and nausea, which will further lead to severe hearing damage. The more lethal variants of sonic weaponry that are capable of rupturing internal organs and shattering objects will harm them to roughly the same extent as a typical Human or Near-Human.
  • Diet: Omnivore. Asa’nyx possess very strong stomachs and are capable of consuming raw and/or uncooked foods. They have cultivated special methods of preparing food, in which they take advantage of the enhanced flavor of raw meat, while further improving it with flavor injections and various forms of seasoning.
  • Communication: Galactic Basic, Local Languages, Nyxi (Predominant Language of Extant Ethnic Groups)
  • Technology Level: Stone to Feudal on Home World, Space on Atrisia, HOPE, and Other Planetary Colonies
  • Religion/Beliefs: Before the Siskeen incident, the Asa’nyx possessed a number of diverse spiritual traditions beyond the belief system of the Sri’la. In the aftermath of the genocide, the Sri’la belief system (Aea’lis) was the only Asa’nyx religion to survive, due to the survival of the Sri’la people and their development of a written language. As a polytheistic religion, Aea’lis has many divine figures who are venerated and/or feared by believers. One such figure is the Goddess of Death, Ze’taa. She is commonly depicted in Sri’la murals as a pale blue-skinned Asa’nyx woman with the head of a bird of prey and a black pair of wings in place of arms. Sacrifices in the form of animals and (rarely) people are periodically made to her, in the hope the large raptors that are endemic to the Alean ecosystem will refrain from preying upon members of the tribe. Qai’chan, Ze’taa’s sister, is another central figure of divinity in the Aea’lis pantheon. As the Goddess of Life, Fertility, Health, and Love, she is depicted as plump, with vibrant pink skin and white horns. Sacrifices are made to her primarily to ensure the health of infants, but also to protect the fitness of all members in the tribe.
  • General Behavior: On their home world, the Asa’nyx were mostly organized in bands of hunter-gatherers and tribes. However, a few groups were demonstrating the first vestiges of civilization before the celestial event which rendered Alea permanently uninhabitable. In their native ecosystems, the Asa’nyx served a dual role as both predators and prey, which rendered lifespans short and brutal. Nevertheless, the Asa’nyx developed a vibrant culture with a unique emphasis on death. As an illustration, the large raptors on Alea which act as their primary predator are a universal symbol of death that is present in virtually all Asa’nyx belief systems. In the few semi-civilized groups that existed before the evacuation, small settlements were established around bodies of water, with structures designed to stave off the large birds of prey that haunt their native ecosystem, especially in Sri’la, which was the sole city on the planet. Most of the surviving refugees come from the Sri’la culture, which was the only Asa’nyx cultural group to possess a writing system.
Anatomically modern Asa’nyx first evolved on Alea in 1500 BBY, making them an extremely young species by conventional standards. The Asa’nyx organized in hunter-gatherer bands for most of their history, but in 650 BBY, the first true civilizations began to emerge, most prominently, the Sri’la culture. However, with the exception of the Sri’la and a few other cultures most Asa’nyx on the planet maintained tribal and hunter-gatherer social structures. In 800 BBY, the largest village of the Sri’la developed into a full-fledged city, at which point the culture developed the very first Asa’nyx writing system. By this point, the Asa’nyx had been discovered by lifeform scanners and studied through remote observation by various xeno-anthropological scientific initiatives. However, the species was not contacted until over fifty years later, when it was discovered that a nearby star was set to unleash a deadly gamma-ray burst which would render Alea permanently uninhabitable.

In the half-century between the discovery of the Asa’nyx by the galactic scientific community and the cataclysm which would render Alea uninhabitable, the Sri’la civilization underwent a meteoric rise which saw them expand from a city-state into a proto-empire. During this period, the seers and sages of the Asa’nyx began to experience a number of apocalyptic visions through the Force, which prompted an era of cultural anxiety that led to a rapid expansion of military power and the centralization of authority in the Viv’ali (Emperor, Ruler). After only a few years, the Sri’la developed the most powerful organized military force on the planet, and the Viv’ali authorized a series of conquests which resulted in the subjugation of the neighboring tribes and city-states around the Sri’la territory. These conquests resulted in the integration of the Kie’sa, Ruk’san, and Ura’ve cultures into the Sri’la empire. Defeated war leaders from these tribes were sacrificed in various dark side rituals which acted as both a form of cultural catharsis and a practical ritual which the sages hoped would prevent the manifestation of the apocalyptic portents that were plaguing their visions of the future.

During this period, the Sri’la made a series of technological advancements which pushed them towards an early iron age. In addition, study of the Force (Achla-Zo) was greatly expanded, which the Sri’la used in battle to terrifying effect. However, the Sri’la also used the Force for benevolent purposes. Techniques in Magick were developed to stave off predators, heal the sick, grow crops, and restore land. For all their savagery in battle, the Sri’la developed a complex socio-political system which represented a significant advancement from the tribal groupings of many years past. Members of nobility and the upper classes were expected to be social role models, and as such were given significantly harsher penalties for violations of the law than commoners, even for seemingly minor infractions such as littering in a public space. In addition, the Sri’la maintained a deeply meritocratic society which rewarded individuals for hard work and for completing undesirable tasks, such as cleaning and disposing of waste.

All in all, during the nine years before the cataclysm, the Sri’la territory quadrupled in size.

In 859 ABY, the Agents of Chaos and the Atrisian Commonwealth began a joint operation to evacuate the Asa’nyx from the planet. The efforts took more than four months, due largely to difficulties in processing the many Asa’nyx languages and convincing tribal leaders of the imminent danger. Nevertheless, the project was successful in evacuating over a million Asa’nyx from the planet, which were then temporarily settled in HOPE, with eventual plans to permanently settle a number of them on Atrisia.

However, in 860 ABY, a little over a million Asa’nyx in HOPE were killed during the
Siskeen incident, when Siskeeni and CIS operatives set explosive charges throughout the entire network of spheres in the Scintilla. The event represented a near-total genocide of the species, with the only major survivors belonging to the extant Sri’la culture, who had been settled in a different part of the Scintilla due to ethnic and cultural tensions stemming from conflicts on Alea.
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