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As we move on...

Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
It was that time again, time for another celebration. Rasu had sent a message to her friends, Nala, Akodya and Sochi, via holo-communicator, inviting them a little party she had organised to celebrate Sochi and the Shi'ido's promotion to the rank of Jedi Knight. The girl had decorated her small room, which she had been assigned upon her promotion, setting up a table of assorted drinks and hanging a large banner on the back wall which read, 'Congratulations Rasu and Sochi'. Sitting down on her bunk, she looked at her work, satisfied at what she had accomplished and now waited for her friends to arrive.

Lying down on the mattress, she went over the events of the past few days in her head, still not exactly sure whether it was real or all a dream. Three days ago she had sitting with Sochi Ru when their Master, Marek S'hadar, told them that he had put their names before the High Council, to determine whether they were ready to be promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight. Excitement and anxiety stopped the Shi'ido from sleeping that night. The moment that she had dreamed of for over forty years was finally happening. She had finally attracted the attention of a teacher who had trained her and strengthened her connection to the Force. This very same Master then had deemed them ready to become Knights of the Order, finally discarding the role of student and taking on the role of teacher or protector. It was all very exciting and she had Marek to thank for all of it, he really was an amazing teacher. The next day the two anxious Padawans were brought in front of the Council and were officially made Knight's of the Order. Rasu had just stood there majority of the time, dazed as Master's came and congratulated her and Sochi before they were shown to their new rooms. It had all seemed like a dream to the Shi'ido who had fantasized this happening for so long and now here she was, a Knight of the Order.

With her day dreaming over, Rasu got off her bed and began to fuss over the banner, just making an excuse to do something as she waited for her friends arrival.

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Nala Tu

Kamionan Jedi
Nala had been all too excited for Sochi and Rasu for finally making the rank of Knight. She remembered when she was promoted but, trying to look good within the Council's eyes, as well as her masters, tried to keep the celebration to a minimum. In fact taking the rank of knight had changed Nala in a way as well. Now she'd begun to keep a more professional tone about herself. And it was sort of an obligation now that she had padawans to train. However the news was enough to make her feel like the overly excited teenager padawan she was only a couple years ago.

She dressed in her best Knight robes before meeting Rasu at her place. She knocked and waited for her to answer before the door opened. When it did she wasted no time in entering and hugging her old friend. "Rasu! I am so happy for you and Sochi!" she said, hugging her tight.

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Bilquis Abar

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Sochi was content with her new promotion. The entire induction ceremony kept replaying in her head. Her standing right next to Rasu, them both in front of the council. Although it was a nerve wrecking experience, she still remained calm, and humble while they were judged, and eventually promoted. Now they would take on the roles of protector, or possibly even teacher.

She had been rather occupied with her new room she had been relocated to, moving things in, and becoming situated. Then she received a message from Rasu via her Holo-Communicator. It was an invitation to a small party she was having to celebrate their recent promotion. It couldn't have come at a better time. She needed an excuse to relax just a tad bit. She was already preparing for more training. This time it would take her away from the temple for a long time.

Sochi had made her way over to Rasu's new place, and she could hear light laughter. It would seem she wasn't the first one to arrive. She knocked on the door, and awaited an answer. When it did her face lit up just a little, she was would be greeted by Rasu, but could see Nala off in the background. It was exciting, and she reached out to hug Rasu. It was just some quality time they could spend together.

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Akodya Mune

Akodya aggressively splashed water in her face, desperate to make the dark circles around her eyes wash away. In the dim light of her small chamber dark shadows had been cast over her hollow features. She was not the same person as she was before. Her own memories had haunted her for the past few months has she reflected on her life. Huh, what life? I have barely lived at all. She thought to herself. Here she stood, a result of nearly twenty years of fine tuning, molding and shaping herself into what exactly?

A jedi.

She never thought she would ever spit those words out of her mouth as if they had a bad taste. She had come to conclusion in the darkest corner of her mind, that she did not belong here. She did not belong the title in front of her name. She wasn't cut out for this life, no matter how hard she had tried. Apparently this was clear to everyone but herself. Is that why all of her friends had become knights already? Before? Had she not done enough to prove herself worthy? She had risked her life, she had studied all she could...why didn't anyone SEE THAT?

Her grip on her basin tightened until her knuckled turned white. She ripped her hands away and sighed. She had made her choice, there was no going back now. She would say goodbye tonight. Lingering on the past wouldn't help. Quickly turning away and dressing into a pair of dark, loose paints and a simple back shirt, she strapped her lightsaber to her hip and walked out the door, not bothering to look back into the place she had rested in her entire life.

Making her way toward's Knight Rasu Gan's new quarters, her footsteps were strong and loose, taking broad strides...no longer bothing with the silly way she usually held herself. Soft merry voices could be heard as she closed in on the doorway...she slammed her fist onto the door and awaited for someone to open it.

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Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
It wasn't long before a knock on the door caught Rasu's attention. Opening it, she welcomed the first arrival, Nala into her dorm, returning the hug that the Kaminoan pulled her into. Smiling at the sudden strength of her lithe friend, the Shi'ido was surprised to hear another knock so soon after the first one. Releasing Nala, the Knight opened the door to find, this time the other woman of the hour, Sochi.

"Welcome Knight Ru, please come in." she said, putting emphasise on the word Knight as a bright smile grew on her lips. Gratefully accepting the Togruta's hug, she held her friend tightly. The past few days had been extremely busy and thrilling leaving the Shi'ido completely exhausted. She assumed her friend was as well and was just glad that now their promotion could finally sink in and they could move on from the disbelief and excitement. Sitting herself down on a chair, she gestured to her friends, inviting them to sit on the bed as they awaited the arrival of their final buddy, Akodya.

As if on cue, an aggressive knock sounded from the door. Leaving her seat, Rasu rose to welcome the final member to their gathering. Opening the door, the Shi'ido was surprised and at the same time shocked to see what sort of state her friend was in. Dark circles were present under the girls eyes, and the normally neat dark hair, fell in tangled strands across her face. Pulling herself together, Rasu ignored the girls features before she noticed her gaze and took offense. Pulling the human into a hug, she whispered into her ear, "Thank you so much for coming Akodya. It means a lot to Sochi and I." Rasu had hoped that the girls current state had nothing to do with the pair's sudden promotion to Knight. Akodya had been acting quite odd lately and she feared that their new position might have made things worse. Time would tell, she told herself, as she welcomed Akodya into her new room. All the guests had finally arrived.

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