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Arthur Raven


King of Pumpkins

NAME:Arthur Raven

FACTION: Mandalorian Empire


SPECIES: Mandalorian

AGE: 58

SEX: male

HEIGHT: 6"5'

WEIGHT: 130kg

EYES: Brown

HAIR: salt and pepper. Black and gray

SKIN: Caucasian



STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+Blasters are a mans best friend - he is a crack shot with a blaster and is able to teach most people in fact majority of his clan learnt how to shoot from him.
+ I might be old but I know a lot - has a great knowledge of science as well as engineering.
- I am old enough to know most things - has a preset views on the galaxy and is very hard to change his views on them.
- Hey I am an old man - can't stealth to save his life this is mostly because of the treatments he refuses to take for parts of his body that have aches or pains.

Arthur is a older man in appearance. His hair gray and black. Every so often he can be found with his reading glasses that he often refuses to wear at all sometimes.

Arthur was a member of Clan Raven for a long time. He was around during the last mandalorian empire and didn't agree with the way they did things so him and his clan quietly went and sat somewhere. Away from the fighting and the senseless war his clan grew. Eventually Arthur saw what the new ME was doing. He decided to bring himself and his clan back to mandalorian space. He met with mand'alor and was very impressed with her and her advisers and thus stayed. He is currently trying to find a world that would work for his people.

SHIP: clan-raven-home-space-station