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 Work In Progress Artemis Rapid Fire Light Turbolaser

Sergei "Jack" Jachovich

  • Intent: To create a Light Turbolaser for Freebirds Industries production
  • Image Source: Gallery
  • Canon Link: None
  • Permissions: None
  • Primary Source: None
  • Classification: Turbolaser
  • Size: Very Small
  • Weight: Light
  • Ammunition Type: Tibanna Gas/Energy supply
  • Ammunition Capacity: Extremely Large - (Effectively Limitless)
  • Reload Speed: None
  • Effective Range: Personal
  • Rate of Fire: Very High
  • Stopping Power: Low
  • Penetration: None
  • Recoil: Low
  • Close range light turbolaser designed to overwhelm smaller targets with volumes of accurate fire. Very High fire rates are achieved through each barrel firing separately with its own smaller reserve of tibanna gas that's tied into the energy supply to reduce down time between shots. Add that these weapons fire in successive fashion, and you now have a steady stream of turbolaser blasts coming towards you.
  • Size and weight of the turret make it conducive to targeting even smaller fighters and munitions. Overcharged servos and reinforced construction make this turret able to respond to various threats quickly, and with high levels of precision.
  • Protective coats built into this weapon system's turret give it various protections against a variety of specialty threats, forcing enemy combatants to resort to raw power to destroy this weapon. Phrik-A armor is lighter however, keeping the weight low for the weapon system giving it the impressive response times that this weapon system boasts.
  • Crewless design allows for this weapon system to be utilized with a remote weapon station, allowing for a much safer and lighter ship designs. This is also conducive to more streamlined and centralized fire control systems.
  • Small package with a High volume of fire: This turbolaser is designed to produce much higher volumes of fire that is quite accurate compared to other turbolasers. And while this is relatively much closer ranged than standard turbolasers that are fielded, it's still a turbolaser. The twin tibanna system on the turret also allows for the high rates of fire as there is less down time between shots, meaning that the second barrel can fire while the first is cycling/recharging.
  • Extremely responsive and accurate: The lightweight design design of this turbolaser combined with the overcharged and reinforced servos make this weapon system highly responsive and extremely accurate, against even snub fighters and munitions. And lets be honest, if the weapon system itself isn't able to destroy something with accuracy alone, accuracy through volume of fire is also an option.
  • Too small to pack near as much punch: So many sacrifices were made in the construction of this turbolaser. And sure it's still a turbolaser and should never be counted out in a fight, but shot for shot compared to your average turbolaser, this thing just simply can't punch with a standard turbolaser. This is due to the separated tibanna reserves and high rates of fire, not allowing for the weapon to sufficiently charge significant amounts of energy.
  • Exposed Tibanna reserves and light armor: There were a lot of sacrifices made to this model of turbolaser from the armor to splitting the tibanna reserve to increase it's rate of fire and responsiveness. This means that compared to normal weapon systems this weapon is actually much easier to directly destroy.
With the unveiling of Freebirds Industries new line of turbolasers, they looked to the armament of smaller vessels and decided to go with a specialized version of the light turbolaser. To achieve this, they stripped the turbolaser down of any unnecessary weight, using their advanced construction materials to save on weight for all of the necessary reinforcements and barest of armor for the turret. They then split the original tibanna reserve, reducing the power output of each shot coming from the weapon system, but allowing each barrel on the weapon to fire faster as both barrels alternate between shots. This made the fire rate of this turbolaser compared to other light turbolasers much higher, and combined with the servos quality construction allows for this light turbolaser to not only shoot extremely fast, but also extremely accurately. This makes this weapon system ideal for engaging fighters, munitions and other smaller capital ships at closer ranges making for great ship defense weapon. So if you're looking for something like that, look no further than the Artemis.
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