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Art for a character you guys might know.

I need some art for a character I've technically been RPing here for years now. I'll give a more detailed appearance after a meeting I have in a few minutes... living in a homeless shelter really karking sucks, but that's not my point.

If anyone can draw a full body pic and make an avi AND sig for Vladimir Tedesky, I'd be glad.

EDIT: Here's the info.

Vladimir Tedesky stands at an average 5 foot ten inch height and weighs about 124 pounds according to the Imperial standards of height and weight. His hair is stark white and is to the nape of his neck, and his eyes are teal. He always wears a grey shirt with a purple coat over it, navy blue leather pants and black steel toed boots with a gold plated chain around his neck as a necklace and a gold plated chain around his wrists, but not linked to one another. (bonus points if you wish to do this part as it's for another site) His energy is that of a daemon's, being black and purple, and he typically calls upon said energy to make black wings on his back and fire lasers from his eyes.

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