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Arrbi Betna

NAME: Arrbi Betna
FACTION: Mandalorian
RANK: Alor of Clan Betna
AGE: 30
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'5"
EYES: Blue-green
HAIR: Light Brown
SKIN: Caucasian/light tan

  • Sniper - An expert marksman and crack shot, Betna can pick the wings off a mynock with relative ease.
  • Warrior - Physically fit and heavily conditioned, Betna is both highly trained and highly motivated as a warrior of his clan. His mental and physical capabilities reflect this, both with ranged weapons and in hand to hand.
  • Pilot - He might not be the best pilot there is, but he can still hold his own with the Aces. A specialist in assault starfighters and atmospheric craft, Betna is as much at home in his Bes'uliik starfighter as he is laying prone in a sniper's nest.
  • Lead From the Front - Given the option of a nice, cozy HQ and leading troops in the mud and blood of the front lines, Betna often can be found knee deep in the sharpest end. If given a task and the troops to do it, he's often helping where he can while keeping them lead, organized, and motivated.
  • Jack-of-all-trades - A sniper, a pilot, and a warrior Betna may be, but he's had training in other areas as well. While he's no expert in the fields at hand, he can still perform passably in many areas and fields including mechanics, vehicle operation, explosives handling, and many other areas.

  • Irnish Temper - While he may not know of his homeworld as of yet, he has the temper of his native people. Given the right circumstances and situations, that temper flares through. Enraged, he fights like a demon and will give no quarter, nor ask for it himself. Thankfully, unlike many, he has a long fuse.
  • Slow to Forget - Betna holds grudges and is loathe to let them go. This can be problematic when forced to work with the individual in question, or if the individual is known to be on the opposite side of an engagement.
  • The End Justifies the Means - Arrbi has been known to make use of weapons and tactics generally considered unorthodox and sometimes overly cruel. The biggest example of these is his usage of Flame Carpet Warheads against ground targets. While he agrees that the weapons are often questionable, his belief is that the painful deaths of some can often break an enemy's spirit and save lives on both sides of the conflict.
  • A Hidden Past - Due to the traumatic events in which he lost his biological parents, Betna has subconsciously suppressed his memories of his early childhood, biological parents, and homeworld. Though he recognizes his unusual accent shines through at most times and thicker than ever when stressed or angered, he's content to ignore the possibility that he's anything more than Mandalorian bred and raised.
Betna is six foot, four inches tall and weighs about 220 pounds. He's broad in shoulder and generally considered a rather muscular person. That said, he is less of a bodybuilder type and more of an athlete. He wears his hair cropped short and is clean shaven, though he has been known to have stubble or the beginnings of a beard in the field after some time. He has no tattoos and bears a number of scars, the most prominent one bisecting the right side of his face from crown to chin over his right eye.

Raised as a Mandalorian, Betna grew up in the warrior lifestyle and traditions. Brought up by his adoptive parents, Betna never really knew of his homeworld, Irn.

He was raised in the Betna clan as a warrior and quickly found that his skills with a rifle and with a starfighter set him a bit apart from the more melee oriented clan. Capitalizing on this, he honed his skills in the two fields while maintaining his abilities in other areas. He often found himself helping around the homestead in various areas from repairing machinery to farming, even learning to work with explosives and weaponry when helping older warriors prepare for missions.

After passing his Verd'goten, Betna's adoptive father, Jol, gifted him with his own starship: a Vangaard Pathfinder. Betna spent the next few years tinkering with the ship and upgrading it in between going on missions with his father. When his father disappeared on a mission into wildspace, Betna took his ship to seek out the missing Mandalorian. After months of searching, he turned back in failure. Upon returning to Mandalore, however, he'd found his mother, Miljan, had been killed in a deathwatch raid.

Infuriated by his perceived double failure, Betna spent the next few years wandering the stars, taking jobs where he could. He managed to return just before the famous Sith attack on Keldabe where the city was nuked in the assault. Afterwards, he reunited with his clan where he was welcomed back with open arms. Soon after, he was chosen as the Alor of his clan and began improving the homestead and spreading the clan outwards.

During this time, he expanded into various business interests, setting up his own shop and then quickly being pulled into a larger corporation owned by Rygel Larraq, Mandal Hypernautics. Monetarily stable on his own, he was able to work more and more from Mandalore, often helping MH with various projects and spearheading concepts in ground and weapon technology on occasion.

It was during this work that he met his wife, Anija Ordo. The two hit things off at the wedding of Jasper and Rianna Ordo, Anija's father and stepmother, and soon after were inseparable, Anija even rising to a chief engineer position and later a Vice President position in Mandal Hypernautics. The two were married in the fiery skies of Empress Teta during the Mandalorian assault on the planet and, soon after, their first child, Mirshko Betna, was born.

Now, years later, Betna has changed very little except for a few more gray hairs and perhaps an extra pound or two that he refuses to admit or even edit into his bio. For now, he's content with pushing the Mandalorian agenda and fighting for his clan. What the future holds, he knows not, but he'll face it all the same.
Shev'la Prudii
Bes'uliik Starfighter