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Factory Armor Optimization 2020: - High, Very High, or Extreme???


Cali Surfer Bum
Hi I'm Jay and I very rarely use the Factory. You have been warned, lol. :p

Anyway. Today I was designing an armor sub for a powerful unique Stormtrooper and got to thinking about what level of proficiency I should be aiming for in the Kinetic and Energy defense categories. Ex: High, Very High, or Extreme levels of protections. Alas. Because Star Wars is an inconsistent fantasy. And because damage is called. I have no idea what my goal should be.

So here's my process and I was hoping to get some feedback from actual Factory gurus,

  1. It doesn't matter - So go for multiple defenses. IE: Kinetic, Energy, Lightsaber, Ionic, Acid, Fire, Cryo, etc. Because, if the level of defense doesn't matter? Then just go 'High' on multiple options and get more bang for your buck.
  2. Pick a specific weapon sub and defend against it 1v1 - IE: Browse the most common Factory subs for an enemy faction, view those guns damage, and aim for that. Ex: The most common Sith-Imperial blaster rifle is rated at Very High, Plasma. Thusly, my armor should aim for a Very High, Energy defense level at minimum. Build according to what you'll likely face IC.
  3. Prioritize Lightsaber defense first ??? - As, Force Users are very common. Lightsabers are very common. And you need enough 'huehue FactoryDefense huehue' to not lose limbs and fingers on smart contact. IE: If you get hit with a Lightsaber, you have a fallback that isn't just 'cybernetic surgery will glue it back on later.' lol.
  4. Biological Warfare vs See The Heroes Face Rule - It's StarWars, so of course the 'You must always be able to see the heroes face' rule comes first. Biological Warfare comes second. Duh.

Okay. So that's what I've been debating mostly. Any help here gurus? Thoughts? Feels?

Cyrus Tregessar

Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command
It doesn't matter.

So go with either what fits your creative vision, or what makes sense based off the materials used. Or both.

For example, if making regular arse stormtrooper armor, remember that EU lore indicates that plastoid is basically immune to conventional bullets, and works a la a flak vest against blaster shots (that is, distributes energy, but is not terribly effective against a direct hit).

So High Kinetic, Low Energy. That sort of thing.

Then remember that it's all an inconsistent fantasy and you're still gonna have hits called on you with a 9mm pistol that's the bestest gun in the world uwu whatever you do.
Zahori Denko
1. You could be a jack of all trades, sure. But, I'm pretty sure the defense ratings are calculated much like any other ratings so going high on multiple options would mean going low on others.
2. You could do that too. But, instead of what's most common, think about what/who you would be fighting against more often and what they use.
3. Same as number 2. If you see yourself fighting force users often then yeah prioritize that Lightsaber defense.
4. Fairly certain most people who build armor, they have it come with a helmet of sorts cause "HUDs are OP". However comma, you do you.
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Triumvir of Power
Jsc Jsc
If you intend to interpret the purpose of armor in RP as was intended by EU or canon, then higher defense to energy and lower defense to kinetic and lightsaber weapons is pretty much what would be standard for special forces armor in the, say, Galactic Empire era of SW.

If you intend to go more along the lines of how one would decide on making armor in the real world, then you'd think of the kinds of threats you'd encounter most often and defend against those first with some minor attention to the lesser issues that you could encounter down the road.

So if you expect to be shot at by blasters first, slugs second, and lightsabers in the rarest of occasions, then you might want to resign yourself to a personal energy field to deal with the latter two and build your armor to protect against blasters/energy weapons first and foremost. Canon armors are only the basis behind the examples for why ratings mean what they are, they aren't rules to live by or even stuff you really need to even care about or think about.
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Lord Commander
Factory Judge
Jsc Jsc

I tend to approach things from a "What makes sense in-universe" stance, which typically means going for lower ratings over a wider spread (IE, going for V. High instead of Extreme, High instead of V. High, etc.)

PvP doesn't matter because handwavium is a thing, and people snort that like no tomorrow in these parts
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