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Arkanian Sith Draconian

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I know the name is unoriginal, but I put thought into the race.


I give credit to dynamo_xr

Name: Arkanian Sith Draconian

Designation: Sentient
Homeworld: Was made in a lab somewhere
Language: Basic
Average height of adults: 2.7m
Skin color: Dark red, Dark Blue (Gorglyph's color), Dark Green, and Black
Hair color: N/A
Breathes: Type 1

Strengths: Intimidating appearance, fire breathing, flight, stronger than a Wookiee, can fly in space
Weaknesses: Intimidating appearance, too big for humanoid armor, Rage... LOTS OF RAGE, Can't use a normal starship

Distinctions: None
Average Lifespan: 5,500 years
Races: None
Diet: Meat (very often), fruit (rarely), veggies (rarely), breads, cafs, alcohol (Very often)
Communication: Verbal

Culture: N/A

Technology level: Same as galactic standard

General behavior: Variable (However you wanna RP one is on you, not me)

History: (WIP as I can't think right now)

Notable Player-Characters: Gorglyph Ssrrath
Intent: To have a Draconian race exist in this site
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Do tell me when you're ready for this to be judged.

I will say that at present there are some significant areas that need to be expanded or edited. Wanting dragons is fine, but they need to be done properly.



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Can't post as Gorro to say this, so I'm postin' on this account, I forgot about this submission, so archive it please
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