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Arinitha Treblanc

Rawnie Tal'verda

Tal'Verda Aliit'buir
NAME: Arinitha Treblanc, Stage name: Lala White
SPECIES: Togruta
AGE: 19
SEX: Female
EYES: Dark blue
HAIR: Colors her horns blue
SKIN: Orange/white, but sometimes paints her skin blue for the stage


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Strengths: Beautiful voice, wide singing range, grace, dance skill.

Weaknesses: Terrified of insects, terribly vain, Can't stand boring people, Needs to be the center of attention constantly, can not resist sweets,

Beautiful, in a way that in both exotic and ethereal... or at least that's how she tries to look on stage. When not in full costume, Arinitha, known more commonly as Lala White, Displays her natural Torutian skin tone with pride, occasionally painting more white around her face tattoos to exaggerate their appearance.

Arinitha was a slave. No family of hers could be remembered, no ties to her life before slavery, if there ever was one. Not any that she could remember, in any case. During the early years, she would scrub floors, make dinner, and whatever other chores she could be put to. But when she was not busy being a kitchen slave, she was singing to entertain the Master, whomever that happened to be at that point. As she grew, so did her apparent talent.
She was eventually bought by a traveling troop of performers when she was ten. By the age of twelve, she was their top act.
By the age of sixteen, she had earned enough from tips alone, to buy her own freedom. She began to sing for the Galaxies Opera house, and was immediately made into a celebrity. Over the years, she played the leading lady in every opera to come out since her arrival.

She has no ship of her own. She is flown where she needs to be.


Salina Aviner

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You think we should actually make that a thing? Like we were separated at birth or something? That might be kind of neat actually. :D

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Welcome to the site, Togruta have a special place in my heart....by any chance do you take requests? If you could perform a solo from Squid Lake and dance in zero gravity. It reminds me of home :)