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Approved Starship Argos Assault Transport

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Ellie Omera


  • Classification: Assault transport
  • Length: 30 meters. Troop bay: 15 meters
  • Width: 23 meters wingspan. 4.6 meters troop bay
  • Height: 10 meters
  • Armament: High
    • Dual rotary blaster cannons
    • 4x concussion missle launchers
    • Nose mounted heavy blaster cannon
    • Pair of mass drive missile launchers with missile belts
  • Defenses: Average
    • Shield
    • Back shield
    • Ion shield
    • Ray shield
  • Squadron Count: Very Low: 4
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed Rating: Average
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average: 2
  • Lk-hermes: Provides advanced secure communications between ships.
  • Minerva hud system: Gives pilots a better perspective of the battlefield and provides a more accurate location of both allies and hostiles.
  • Heavy hauler: The Argo is capable of carrying 30 troops, 4 speeder bikes. Or when empty, the troop bay can hold a large amount of cargo. Small vehicles and cargo pods can hang below the tail directly behind the troop bay.
  • Firepower: Like most assault vehicles, the Argo can double as a gunship. With enough missle and a heavy nose mounted cannon to take on armored vehicles and dual rotary cannons to quickly clear infantry from a landing zone.
  • Maneuverability: While the Argo can keep a good pace in a straight line, it has some difficulty making turns. Most of which need to be wide or at slow speeds.
  • Not Air to Air: Despite its firepower, the Argo wasn't designed for aerial combat. Instead it relies on fighter escort.
The Argo is the go to assault transport for Arsenian ground forces. A sturdy vessel with a large troop bay, good cargo capacity and firepower. With a durasteel hull, an alusteel skeleton and Phrik surrounding the cockpit, troop bay and engines, along with armor plating. This large transport can hold up to thirty troopers or four speeder bikes. Cargo pods and light vehicles can be attached below the tail, directly behind the troop bay, adding more supplies to missions.

In a combat situation, the Argo can deploy long range missiles at armored targets, or use its heavy blaster cannon to dispose of light vehicles. Forward mounted dual rotary cannons are used to suppress or eliminate enemy infantry before landing. Most of the ships armor is in the front to deflect any incoming rounds in order to protect the pilot, due in part to its slow maneuverability. Troops can be deployed out the large loading door at the rear of the vessel or the smaller doors on either side.
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