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Are You In Search Of A (Light Side) Master?

Are you a Padawan looking for a master? A general light sider who wishes to become a Jedi? Were you once a Sith Apprentice that decided the dark side wasn't for you? Whatever your reasoning, if you're looking for a Master/Padawan relationship I am hoping to find one person to take on as a student and take them through their journey to knighthood.

Because of time restraints I really only have availability to take on one student, so if you are interested please either reply here or in PM (Or Discord!). Take a look at Jamie's bio, link me your bio and what you're looking for in terms of character development/progression and if we're a good fit we can get some fun going!

Fear is the Mind Killer
Factory Judge
Definitely, if you don't mind a little bit of a cross cultural exchange ^_^

(totally didn't see that this was posted like, last year, but... if the offer still stands! lmao!)