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Approved Starship Arcturus E-Class Gunship

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It's Real to Pretend
Image by adamko
Intent: To make use of the Arcturus-class Gunboats acquired by the Empire when purchased for scrap.
Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems(originally), Subach-Innes(refitting)
Model: Gunship
Affiliation: Independent
Modularity: Yes(ordnance types)
Production: Mass-produced
Material: Durasteel
Description: Formerly a mass-produced gunboat in the Imperial military, similar to the similar Skipray-class Blastboat of the original Galactic Empire, the Arcturus Gunboats were mass-purchased by Subach-Innes as part of their acquisition of outdated Imperial starships. The resulting refit of the Arcturus, now redesignated a gunship, takes a different approach weapon-wise: the laser cannons have all been made forward-facing, to the sides of the cockpit. The turrets are now missile turrets, ironically enough, which while theoretically more damaging, are more vulnerable to countermeasures. As well, a section of the ship's underside has been modified to allow for a small ordnance bay, fitting a quartet of proton bombs inside.

Despite the significant armament, however, the export Arcturus is still significantly slow. Its hyperdrive is actually a lower rating than the original Imperial version, and while its shields are exceptional, its hull is particularly poor, leaving it vulnerable to mass driver or other projectile weapons. As well, it is significantly crew-intensive, meaning only galactic powers with a significant enough amount of droids or sentients can use the Arcturus to its fullest potential.

Classification: Gunship
Role: Gunship
Height: 5 meters
Width: 7 meters
Length: 18 meters
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Solar ionization reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 2
Minimum Crew: 1
Optimal Crew: 4(pilot, co-pilot, 2 turret gunners)

  • 6 laser cannons
  • 2 proton torpedo launchers (3 torpedoes each)
  • 2 twin-barrel missile turrets (6 missiles each turret)
  • 1 bomb bay (4 proton bombs, ion bombs, plasma bombs, cluster bombs, etc)
Non-Combative Attachments:
Sensor systems
Shield generator (1)

Passenger Capacity: 3(if running on minimal crew)
Cargo Capacity: 200 kg
Consumables: 2 weeks

Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 4

Ayden Cater

Grumpy Goat
@[member="Circe Savan"]

Minor nitpick; It's hyperdrive is still Class 1, so it's still the same rating as the old version. As well, its classification (the measure we weigh armaments with) would be Gunship. Role is a little more varied, and can include multiple aspects such as reconnaissance, troop transport, modifiers like heavy and light, and so on.

Also, you mention in the sub that it's modular with regards to ordinance. I'd like a general list of some of the different kinds of ordinance and how they affect the payload. Not every bomb is equal.
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