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Anything you can do, I can better. [Kassandra]

Zahori Denko
The capital of Phaeda, Chinesti, was home to much of the filth of the fringe. Just breathing in the air of the city was corrupting. It was nothing but a city that was begging to be purged.Who else could or would do it but Vael'roth? He landed in the city and disembarked into the streets.

He walked through the streets of the capital, hooded and without speaking. The many species conducting criminal activities int he district he was in reminded him of maggots in a bantha's corpse. All nothing but little insignificant pest. Not a single one would ever be a someone. Vael had to put an end to their misery.

A vagrant, probably in his teens, came up to Vael'roth and looked up at his hidden face.

"Sir, you seem to be the type to love a nice set of jewelery, eh?" the vagrant said, holding up a clearly fake golden necklace.​
Vael stopped in his tracks and looked down at the little human boy and said nothing. His golden eyes shined from the darkness his hood forced onto his face. Vale glared at him in silence for a moment. Not saying a word or making a simple sound. The vagrant continued to look at him, grinning and holding the necklace up. Vael slowly grabbed the necklace from the little boy and examined it.

"It'll just be a simple 200 credits, sir." the vagrant stated.​
Vael chuckled lightly before throwing the necklace down the adjacent alleyway. The vagrant groaned and went to grab the necklace after he spit on the ground directly in front of Vael'roth. Once the kid had grabbed the necklace, Vael turned towards him and opened a palm at him. Emerald flames shot from Vael's palm and completely engulfed the boy entirely. His screams of pain echoed throughout the alley as Vael incinerated him horribly. Once the boy quit flailing and lied on the ground as he died, Vael continued on his walk through the city.

@[member="Kassandra Distorith"]
Fingers smoothed out the supple leather of her mini-skirt, taking a moment to admire herself in the transparisteel window of a shopfront. Well...what passed for a shopfront in Chinesti. The definition of which was vastly different here on Phaeda than it was elsewhere in this new galaxy she'd woken into. The similarities and differences were both decidedly maddening, the latter more so.

A delicate frown marred her features for the briefest moment as she adjusted the pins holding her riot of raven curls in place. Her vanity satisfied, she continued on, her stilettos echoing down the bustling, early evening crowded street. Kassandra arched a brow and purred as she reached out into the cloudless sky with her thoughts and slowly began to stir the energies. It began to darken as she walked, each step further beneath the welcome velvet of the roiling, cloud-filled sky.

Energy clashed and produced a powerful peal of thunder, elicitng a peal of delighted laughter. People around her startled, turning to stare and decide if she was worth the trouble. Most decided she wasn't, given her lambent crimson gaze, and others still didn't want to find out how well she knew how to wield the sabers clipped to a slender silver belt at her waist.

Even in a place that made Nar Shaddaa look like a cozy vacation spot, Kassandra frightened people. Good to know she hadn't lost her touch in the five hundred some-odd years she'd spent in cryo-stasis. A slow, decadent smile curled her glossy red lips, remaining there as she extended one hand - her fingers curled briefly into a fist then extended out suddenly, summoning a white hot bolt out of the clouds above, sending it arcing through the crowd ahead of her. Some were merely wounded, some incinerated on the spot, most of them started to scream, realizing there was a wolf amidst the sheep.

With careful steps, she strode across the path she created for herself, pausing only once to drive the sharp heel of her stiletto shoe into the eye of a woman who simply couldn't stop whimpering. Kassandra blew her a kiss as she tugged her stiletto free and continued.
Zahori Denko
Vael continued on into the rugged slums of the city where scum and sleaze was more abundant than ants in the city. He was obviously a man of power, but that did not stop the vagrants and petty thieves from engaging Vael. They were quite numerous, but they, like the rest of the inhabitants of the world, were simply fodder. Nothing but useless hunks of meat given life.

As each one approached him, he opened a palm at them, unleashing a flurry of flames at their person. The wicked screams of pain reverberated through the nearby alleyways, prompting many of those who lived nearby to shut their windows without even thinking of looking at the carnage being produced by Vael and his maniacal abilities. They still did not stop. It seemed there was a rather large gang of thugs in this area that would not stand to watch as their territory be ivnaded by someone such as Vael'roth. Little did Vael care for their territory. An orb of flame managed to fly towards a small shed where they manufactured their drugs, thus creating a large explosion that incinerated anyone within a 5 meter radius of the fiery explosion.

Flames and smoke shot into the sky from it followed by screams of terror. But those screams did not come from any of the gang. They came from another area of the city. An area that Vael had to investigate. He managed to gather his thick blonde locks into a ponytail and sprinted for the origination of the screams.

@[member="Kassandra Distorith"]