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Anybody interested in a little guerilla war?

Nicair Claden

The Iron Heart
Like the title says I want Nicair to get a little active in independant planetary conflicts. They wouldn't be part of any faction. He'd pretty much be trying to get involved in as many wars as he can in an attempt to die in a blaze of glory. This is all leading up to the reveal I'm anticipating later, but he has to get his share of experiences and scars. The planets he would be on won't have very advanced technology, they'd still be laser based, but early drafts. Naturally a heavily armored Mandalorian with modern weaponry would be highly valued on either side of the conflict.

What I do kind of want to include is a Dirty Dozen type of feel. Maybe he and a few others get captured by a major faction and are given an offer they can't refuse: win a planetary war and bring the new regime into the fold. They succeed and they're let out. Sound interesting?