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Anthropophagi's Ristorante

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Eater of the Dead

Corporation Name: Anthropophagi's Ristorante

Headquarters: Rakata Beta

Locations: Coruscant, Rakata Beta, Taris

Operations: Quality food at affordable prices made from all natural ingredients

Rationale: To make credits and supply a very unique meal to the galaxy as a healthy alternative

Tier: 2


What started as a little mom and pop restaurant and dream for some many years ago quickly and over time expanded. Not much more then a few places but with quality food and great service it grew to be a semi large brand name. This attracted the attention of @[member="The Wrathful One"] on Rakata when the Fringe was offered a chance to open a new restaurant. She took it to Shinju who after much debate welcomed to owners Mario and Regina to dinner on Rakata beta.

There they went about setting terms for this new restaurant with all of the latest features and even a possible holoblog about the food to the rest of the Fringe that could be made with the approval of the Lady herself Yun-Harla. The owners were confused at the time but when the deal came offering them more credits and a place they could retire to... How could they refuse. It seemed like quite a welcomed plan until they realized what the new owners planned the food to be.

And that they were the main course as they signed the new contract and gave control of their company to Shinju and her co empress. The restaurant was renamed to Anthropophagi's Ristorante something to give it an exotic feel and the cuisine remained the same only changing some ingredients to better suit the wants and needs of the new owners who would visit to check up on it. Since the new tag was "Serving the finest people in the galaxy" it had a lot to live up to and several dozen locations closed down only leaving a few around the galaxy.

This allowed for the proper supplies of meats to be delivered promptly and on time to meet the demands while top of the line chefs were brought in and cooks to make it happen. A personally vetted via holotransmission staff at each location and some of the finest serves credits could buy. All seemed to be in order for Shinju and her brides newest venture in the galaxy. So come and eat at Anthropophagi's Ristorante where the food is delectable and sure to excite your palate.

Darth Adekos

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Implied cannibalism. Implied cannibalism everywhere.

Anyways, we're no longer accepting Tier 3 companies off the get-go. You're going to need to cut down on locations as well. Since you're a restaurant chain and not an overly-elaborate affair, I'm willing to let you slide with three locations.

Other than that, you're good to go.


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