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Another Day

Location: Geonosis, Citadel Training Hall
Time: 06:46
Objective: Training


Adron had been with The Confederacy for a few days, most of his time was spent settling into his new quarters and signing the legal documents associated with his asylum. Of course that still left him with a lot of free time in the day, so a generous amount of his time was allocated to the training wing of his temporary home. Darth Metus had been kind enough to give him access to the tools needed to keep up his own training regiment, and while it was not the Imperial Guard Academy, it was useful.

He stood hunched over in the center of the large atrium, sweat bleeding from his brow as he worked to recover his breath. Two IG-100 Droids stood before him in a Stoic pause. The droids had been augmented with a training mode that made them the perfect sparring partners, however it was not an easy task to combat the droids.

Adron glanced down to his wrists, which had been wrapped in thick black cloths. They were sore, and he was more than sure one of them was starting to bruise.

The droids were keen sparring partners, however their metal frames were painful to negotiate with. He rubbed his wrists firmly before stretching his back and standing to his full height. He looked between the two unarmed droids, taking notice of their soulless appearance. It was certainly something he would have to work to get used to.

“Ok…” He said, chuckling dryly at his droids opponents. “Power down for a bit, I’m gonna take a break.” He ordered, watching as their optics lost their purple hue and their heads drooped down into a neutral position. With a swift exhale, he made his way to a small break station where he sat his water bottle down. Taking it into his hands he took a few shallow sips before concentrating on his breathing, working to get it back to normal.
There were no words to describe her dislike for this wretched planet. It might have been the capital of the CIS, but Scherezade thought Ryloth was superior to it in every possible way, which was why she had made it some sort of a weird version of a home for herself, and by weird, she meant that was where she parked her ship most of the time. Ryloth was also the training grounds for the Knights Obsidian, in which the young Sithling had personal interests in the shape of a certain wolf man, which was another pro for Ryloth and con for Geonosis.

But life went on and her blueprints to more or less destroy gigantic chunks of the galaxy were being moved into place, and her presence here was required due to her cooperation with the Black Bha'lir. She'd had a meeting with their leader, Cim, the night before, and there would be another one later today in the after noon, which meant going back to Ryloth or pretty much any other planet in between was a complete waste of resources.

And since there were a few things she hated more than sleeping alone, she'd been up for hours, wandering around the city during the graveyard shift, letting her thoughts reign free until she realized it was after six and she was standing near the training hall. Beneath her clothes, the young Sithling was armed to the teeth, with Czerka knives covering every possible inch that would still give her free movement, and a gun that contained her infamous Glitter Bullets. But now that she was near a place that had free weapons... Perhaps it was time to move forward. Her knives gave her a disadvantage on the field of battle; their reach was too short, and it meant she had to heavily rely on the Force when dealing with those who had longer blades of any sort of weapon.

So here she was now, picking up a single, very basic, vibro sword. It felt odd in her hands, heavier than her knives, and she moved it experimentally in the air a few times to get the feel of it. Switching to the sword meant starting at level zero again, which meant - practice was needed.

Scherezade walked to the atrium, now realizing that another person was there. She silently scoffed at herself for not checking for presence earlier, and leaned against a wall as she watched the man practice against droids. She remained silent as she watched him move against them, sparring, growing tired and full of sweat, and eventually stop and take a break, and she replayed his sparring with the droids in her mind.

A moment later, she was sitting next to him. "Why are you fighting against droids with bare hand?" she asked. There was no amusement in her voice - she was genuinely interested. All her previous encounters with droids had shown that fists were pretty much the worst way to go about it. "And why are you trading punches instead of just going for their core to shut them down?"

[member="Adron Malvern"]
[SIZE=12pt]Adron’s attention was pulled from his breathing when a young woman’s voice called out to him from the other side of the room. She questioned his sparring with the droids and he chuckled a bit at her words, realizing it must seem a bit odd from an out of perspective view. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]“Droids are physically stronger, faster, and hit harder than most organics. My mentor always taught me that fighting an enemy that was your superior in strength was one of the fastest ways to improve.” Rubbing his wrists again, he gestured to the droids with his chin, sweat still dripping from his brow. “Their metal is a good replication for if there is bone on bone contact when I'm in battle.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Slapping his wrists softly, he set his water bottle down before looking back to the woman. “The goal isn't to beat them, it's to survive them.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]“I'll never beat these droids by trading blows. They have infinite stamina, unmatchable strength, and their processors are faster than my brain will ever be.” He spoke with a tone that toed the line between matter-of-fact and numerous, yet his expression was unchanging. “But I'll try until I can't try anymore.” He said, a smile forming over his lips. As the former Captain of the Imperial guard, Adron was used to giving his soldiers unreal tasks to accomplish, it would only make sense that his training was a mirror of that. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Making his way back to the droids, he looked over to the woman with a curious arch of his brow. “I hope you don't mind that I'm using the droids. If you'd like, you can take one yourself.” He offered, holding a hand open to the droids nearest to him. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt][member="Scherezade deWinter"][/SIZE]
Scherezade listened to the man, her eyes focused on him with a laser stare as she took every word in. She understood the logic behind his words, but something in it poked her uncomfortably. She chewed on her lower lip for a moment, trying to gather her thoughts, but ended up just nodding as she walked up to one of the droids, the weird sensation of a vibrosword in her hands sending excitement chills down her spine.

"I was taught that survival is never enough," she said, poking the droid with the fingers of her free hand, "surviving an enemy is just opening up yourself for the enemy to study you and come back faster and stronger the second time." There! The droid lit up, the purple eerie color erupting from... Where did droid colors come from? She swung the sword experimentally in her hand and took a step back, reminding herself that this was a sword and not a knife, and she'd need a much wide reach if she was to be effective.

"I was taught that a living enemy that made it out of the encounter alive, just turned into a much greater enemy," the droid launched at her, and her first instinct was to jump back, her feet working quickly alongside her core and shoulders to avoid all the incoming blows, "and as such," she gasped as she continued to move, trying to keep her attention on everything at once, "so if you have an enemy," now she launched forward, her sword swinging wildly in all directions, "you need to kill it."

A second later, Scherezade was flat on her ass on the ground, letting out a string of curses that would cause a sailor some deep blushing. And then she remembered again that the man was still in the same room, and she shrugged. "It's my first time with a sword. I'm better with knife play and slugpistols."

[member="Adron Malvern"]
[SIZE=12pt]Adron was subtle as he tapped into The Force. He would dip his hands into the twisting threads that connected all life, trying to get a read on the woman before him. Of course when she stepped forward, placing a finger on the droids, Adron stepped back with a welcoming gesture. Her view was commendable, in his eyes it was eccentric and slightly unrealistic, but perhaps not wrong. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]“You practice how you fight. Train against impossible odds and you'll beat impossible odds.” He commented, clasping his hands over his waist as he watched the woman. Her skills with a blade were not amateurish, but he could tell she was not trained with a vibrosword. As she swung, his eyes watched her like a hawk, his arms crossing over his chest as he watched with mild interest. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Moments later a tactical response from the droids left her on the ground, a string of curses flowing from her much like water from a stream. He arched his brow with an amused expression before making his way across the room. “Swords require more control than you're used to giving. They are heavier and generally need years of practice to get used to.” In the corner of the room, was a series of lockers, which Adron used to store his things while he trained. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]He shifted through the locker before pulling out a set of thick leather gloves, pulling them over his fingers. Flexing his fingers to get a good feel for the gloves. He pulled a saber from the locker, making his way back to the center of the Atrium. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]He walked over to the woman who had joined him into the hall, holding his saber by it's scabbard. “Your grip seems a little tight, if you rely on your wrist for the swing too much, you can damage it when you make contact.” Taking his pommel into his hand, he wrapped his fingers firmly around the blade. Drawing the saber, the polished Phrik blade held a black edge that seemed almost unnatural to the blade.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Adron gestured for her to take her own sword into her hands. “I can show you a few things if you'd like, but don't touch my blade, it's coated in Blood Poison.”[/SIZE]

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]
"I might not have years," Scherezade murmured as she tried to swing with the vibrosword once more. She loosened her wrist and gave a few experimental swings, trying to ensure the move came from her shoulder. The sensation was odd - it was both harder and easier that way. Like an extension of her arm, but a weird and clumsy one.

The man offered to teach her, but recommended she did not touch the blade. "That's your idea of impossible odds?" she asked with a frown. He had just seen how badly she'd done, and now he was offering her to practice with the stakes raised more than slightly above homicidal droid level.

Facing him, the young Sithling nodded. It could be done. The problem was mostly physical; getting the body used to this, make the movement like second nature. She knew that if she used the Force and called in every available blade, she'd be able to shishkabab's both the man and the droids. But that wasn't the point of today. The point of today was to learn how to work without relying on the Force.

Scherezade launched forward, aiming the pointy end to the man's jugular vein, fully intent on stopping a millimeter before piercing the skin in case he did not move fast enough.

[member="Adron Malvern"]
[SIZE=12pt]There was an amused look that came from Adron’s face as the newcomer spoke. “Well, my lightsabers are even more deadly than this and practice blades are too light to be of use. So long as you don't cut yourself on my blade, you'll be fine.” He promised her. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]As she gave herself a few practice swings, Adron watched with interest. She was not without talent, but he could sew she would need to get used to the weight and length of the blade. Adron took a few steps back from the woman, sliding his left foot back behind the right. His left arm went behind his back, resting on the small of his waist as he looked to the woman. His eyes we're not entirely locked on her blade, instead they we're peering down at her feet. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]His blade was aimed towards the ground, held in a firm grip as he waited. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]She lunged forward, Force she was fast, however Adron’s eyes knew what to look for. His own blade came up in a swift arc. As he flourished his wrist, his blade would come across her own, batting it out of the way unless she was able to counter him. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]“Fast.” He said, with an approving smile. “Fast and predictable. Try to be as minimal as possible with your foot work. You're naturally going to move your feet in an attack, however try to instigate the attack with your blade , and make your footwork secondary. But the difference should be barely noticeable."[/SIZE]

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]
As long as she didn't cut herself on his blade she'd be fine? Scherezade frowned. There were reasons she had been dubbed as the best pin cushion in the 'verse - her tendency to meet the pointy end of blades, claws, and anything sharp, being the most prominent reason.

Her attack was easily blocked, the vibro sword easy battle out of the way as it fell to the ground. She hmpf'd in dislike and glared at the man, who called her predictable and told her that the feet were secondary.

This was definitely harder than knives. With the knives, she didn't have to think. When Scherezade used the knives, it was a lovely dance of sharpness and violence, with no need to analyze which move came after the other and why her grip wasn't right. There was nothing right now she wanted more than to call her knives and turn the man in front of her into a pin cushion on his own.

But she swallowed her anger down and picked the vibrosword up.

Instigate with the blade, feet second. She nodded.

This time, the pointy end was going straight to his nether region.

[member="Adron Malvern"]
Adron's smile did not fade as the loud clink of metal hitting the ground erupted through the training hall. "Firm grip, not a tight one." He instructed, before gesturing for her to retrieve her weapon. He did not reach out to feel through her thoughts, he didn't much need to. His skills with Force Empathy made her projected emotions easy to read. He could see the frustration, the anger, and the want to possibly maim him. Perhaps she will utilize that to defeat him? Anger was a powerful tool.

As she prepared herself, Adron held up a hand to stop her. "Wait." He said.

An amused smile, Adron glanced over to his scabbard that laid on the ground. His free hand was outstretched to the sheathe, and the force stretched out from his hands. The scabbard would give a faint tremble before it flew through the air, finding home in Adron's palm. "Perhaps we should keep the training wheels on." He said, before sheathing his sword.

Adron pulled one of his hair ties from his pocket, tying the sheathe to the sword's hilt with a tight knot. After he saw the scabbard was secure on the blade he flicked the black case softly. "It's reinforced with a titanium lining so the sword can't cut through it. Let's try this?" He measured the woman up, beginning to circle her with predator like eyes. "Your fast enough, just get used to the blade." He said before his sword flew up, a jab aimed for the woman's chest. However, in the last moment, he bent his arm, pulling the sword back towards him, and his blade flew in a swipe towards his opponents arm.

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]
Scerezade froze mid movement and cursed. She wanted to get it on already, standing there with the sword in her hand wouldn't help her improve. To improve she needed to move, to practice, to do things. She looked at the man as he called to the sheathe and brought something that... Motherkrakking training wheels. Why were they needed now? They weren't needed earlier. And of course, he was a Force User too. Scherezade reached forward, tasting his power. Yeah, that was definitely a Force User.

And now he was circling her. Scherezade crouched ever so slightly. The man had assumed the role of the predator. This was much more familiar ground for the young Sithling; this was something she understood better than intentionally timing hands and feed. She almost let a tiny growl out, but instead focused herself on him and his movements.

His weapon came toward her and she reacted, as he had probably predicted, in time, her body bending in the middle as her upper body bent backwards. If his sword would've resumed in the same line, it would have gone over her chest and missed the chance to stab her. But she didn't stop there.

Scherezade's body continued to bend backwards until her free hand touched the ground, and her legs shot out, aiming for his. If he didn't move in time, she would unbalance him and let him drop to the ground. Her hand with the sword was already moving in its own circle, aiming for the level of his kneecaps.

[member="Adron Malvern"]
Adron's eyes were narrowed the moment his opponent bent back. She was not just some simple brawler, she had a good bit of skill to her. As her legs flew towards his, he strafed back, dodging the sweep to his legs. Rather than press an attack, he planted the tip of his blade into the ground, defending from her vibrosword that swung in a wide arc. Adron's free hand rose, and a small smile crept over his lips. He would try to keep it simple.

A small kinetic blast flew from Adron's hand, an invisible wave that flew towards her own hand that was planted on the ground. He would attempt to use the Force to off-balance her and hopefully force her to fall to the ground.

If she did fall to the ground, he would step forward, the tip of his sheathe aimed at the woman's throat, yet keeping a birth between the sheathe and her neck.

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]
He blocked her sword. That was to be expected; especially since she was so new at this. Her movement had been too slow, too easy to block. But his sword was in the ground, which gave her the chance to straighten up again. She wanted to press her attack, not give him a moment's breath.

And then the otherkrakker threw a kinetite blast at her. Scherezade found herself on the ground before she realized what had happened, and now his sword was pointed at her throat.

Eyes narrowed, her free hand came up, the orb of the Sutta Chwituskak already forming in it. All she needed was a moment and she would toss it at him. If they were switching to using the Force instead of their physical weapons, she had much more up her arsenal than a bunch of swords.

[member="Adron Malvern"]
Adron took notice of his sparring partner's presence in the Force and immediately the tip of his sheath crossed over her neck. He let off a quiet tsk, before pulling the blade from her throat. Rather than press the attack, he took his sheathe into his hand and outstretched his free one to her. "You're pretty good. A little rough around the edges, but not bad." He said, diffusing the moment of combat. "Why are you wanting to learn to fight with a sword anyway?" He asked, curiously.

"I suppose my attack was a little unfair, hmm? The competitive nature in me. Why not we just stick to swordplay?" He asked, rolling his blade around in his fingers.

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]
She grabbed his hand and used it to stand up, the orb vaporating from her outstretched palm. She almost growled when he said she was rough around the edges. That wasn't the point. Coming here was not part of the plan into getting criticized like that. Coming to the training hall was so that she could train, and become better. Or, well, less rough around the edges.

"Because one of the first things that happened to me was being tossed into a place filled with those Force-blocking lizard things," Scherezade answered his question, "if you rely on nothing but the Force, it becomes a liability rather than a tool. If I want to be a better Warrior, I need to know how to fight both with and without it. I'm a grandmaster of knives, but knives are an obvious disadvantage when facing opponents with a longer reach."

As to his attack... "It wasn't unfair. But I'll be better prepared next time. That's what you get when you don't kill me," she tied it beautifully back to her earlier monologue.

Sticking to swordplay?

The Sithlin shrugged and called the vibrosword back to her hand. Her grip was perfect this time. She launched to her left, pretending to be aiming for his liver, and at the last second switched the sword to the other side, aiming for the opposite side of his body.

Of course, she had every intention to not actually stab him if it worked. Sure, every intention. Ah huh.

[member="Adron Malvern"]
[SIZE=12pt]There was a hint of amusement as the woman spoke. She seemed knowledgeable when it came to combat, yet the man remained a bit unimpressed. Planting the tip of his sword into the ground, he gave a soft roll of the wrist as he spoke. “The Force is a weapon, no different from any other. If you rely on it too much, you will become predictable and easy to analyse.” He explained to her, before taking his weapon back into his hands. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Her words we're eccentric and caused a slight chuckle to erupt from the man. “We’ll see now, won't we?” He said, before taking up a simple defensive stance. His blade was Angeles towards the ground, as his hand was placed upon his waist. To limit her access to a full target he would turn to the side, his shoulder aimed at her. “Now. Try again.” [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Her speed was her greatest ally, and as she charged Adron took notice of her near flawless handle on the blade. A quick learner. He mused. His blade rose to meet hers, a simple adjustment of the wrist would be enough to counter her attack, yet in the end her weapon was reversed in its path and came sailing Howard’s Adron’s undefended chest. For a shallow moment it appeared he would be defenseless, yet with a quick extension of his arm, his blade flew to the side, batting her vibrosword out of the way. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Immediately after batting the weapon out of the way, he would take a paced step forward, the tip of his sheathe flying for the center of her chest. Not enough to harm her, but certainly to give her a moment of pause. [/SIZE]

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]
The man was annoying her. Her trick should have worked, but he just defended against it with ease. Scherezade screamed in annoyance as the sword was once again batted out of her hands, but had no time to actually glare at him as his sword came toward her chest.

Again she made it out, but this time by ducking down, causing the point of his weapon to go over her head. That would not be where she stopped tough; without pause, she leaned on her arms as both of her legs came low kicking forward, one aimed at his crotch and the other at the nearest kneecap.

There was only so much annoyance she could take.

[member="Adron Malvern"]
[SIZE=12pt]As Adron pressed his attack, he was unable to anticipate that his opponent would drop below his blade. There was a brief moment that blurred the line between impressive and surprising. Yet as she lashed out with her legs, Adron responded in kind. Her skills away from the blade we're far more impressive than her abilities with it. She was lithe and fast, which made her an exceptional opponent for getting past Adron’s defense. Her legs lashed out and a immediately both of Adron’s knees turned at an angle. Partially to deflect a bit of the weight coming from her strike to his knee, but mainly to keep his crotch safe from a crippling blow. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]His hardened stance turned to one of weakness as his legs wobbled from being struck at such an awkward angle. Rather than maintaining a wobbly stance, Adron deliberately dropped to a knee. Half of his back exposed to his enemy, he was in a dangerous situation. His hands tightened around the hilt of his blade as he pulled it close in to his chest. In a rapid twist to his waist, he aimed his blade for his opponent’s chest, hoping to keep her from pressing the advantage she had created. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt][member="Scherezade deWinter"][/SIZE]
Success! She'd taken him by surprise! And for once, it seemed to have actually worked! Scherezade grinned from ear to ear, ready to go in for another hit, when the man twisted from the waist and turned around.

His sword hit her chest.

Scherezade screamed and slammed herself backwards. There were training wheels on the sword, so it had not cut her, but the pain was small and concentrated, like being punched with a baby fist of ultimate density right in the chest.

A hand came up to hold where he had stricken, right in the middle, and she tried to swallow the pain down as her other hand waved in the air, sending a Force Push towards him. She needed a little distance for a few seconds to make sure she hadn't broken or snapped anything in the process.

This would never had happened if she'd had her knives. Swords, the Sithling began to form an opinion, we stupid.

[member="Adron Malvern"]
There was the slightest smile to erupt from Adron’s expression as his counter attack landed. Had his blade been out to strike at the woman the pain she now felt would have been wholly insignificant in comparison. As the woman’s hand flew out, Adron bared his knees into the ground, erecting a barrier around himself in The Force. Her kinetic wave impacted into the barrier, yet it was not strong enough to penetrate his defense.

Perhaps his next move was reactive, or even just the heat of the moment carrying him to excess. However, Adron instinctively tapped into the Dark Side of the Force, calling on its power. His own hand was aimed at the woman as a series of loud cracks erupted from it. Adron’s hand had sparks dancing around it, some of them actually burning the skin from his hand. He paused, taking a much needed moment of consideration. Rather than release the streaks of electricity on the woman, he pulled his hand into a fist on his chest. While those streaks dissipated, he offered the young woman an almost wry smirk.

“I think that's enough for today.” He said, bracing himself against his sword so he could better take to his feet.

“I don't know about you, but I need a shower before I start work so I'm going to have to cut our conversation a bit short.” He said, tucking his sword underneath his arm while glancing back over to his locker.

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]
Scherezade nodded. A moment ago she had been ready to retaliate, but now there was no need. The man said that had been enough for the day, and the pain in her chest from his sword punch agreed with him. She forced herself off the ground, dusting herself off. The pain was beginning to fade, but she could already feel the bruise forming.

"Thanks for the lesson," she said with an ear to ear grin. There was enough here for her to continue some training with the sword on her own. She still preferred her knives, but she was also much more proficient with them.

With that, she turned around and left.

[member="Adron Malvern"]