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Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
@[member="Nala Tu"]
@[member="Vexander Graves"]
Have been promoted to Jedi knight the two of you have done very well.

The Valan event is winding down, the month is almost over so keep at it I shall be posting there soon

The Valan space event has ended cause of well lack of people it ended up with one person making all the moves for factions cause no one else was around to move.

The Invasion of Nar Shadda has gone well and those who helped achieve victory should be congratulated, the Deck of 52 is something to show how you have done.

@[member="Tracyn Ordo"] has been helped with his sith poison condition and we have jedi masters Joshua, Kiskla and Phylis to thank for it.

Remember to fill out those master and knight trackers for the order and support the Republic. You have all done great in the event and now it is time to bring it home.

Nala Tu

Kamionan Jedi
Thank you, master. It fells great to be considered a knight. Is there a ceremony or something that has to be done?

The Cyan Blade
Thank you for this great honor Master @[member="Syn"].

Honestly, a ceremony would be appreciated, provides more RP value.

And congratulations to @[member="Nala Tu"] and everyone involved in Valen Space and the Valen Liberation, quite amazing to be honest... looking forward to the next one.

As for the Nar Shadaa... I need to do better XD
The Cyan Blade
Not sure if the Masters are the ones that should post. But within the Private Section or the Jedi Temple IC :p

@[member="Nala Tu"] @[member="Syn"]