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Anniversary Event - The Gathering [Illum]


In light of recent events, I don't feel that it's appropriate to proceed with the original banquet thread I had planned to celebrate our three-year anniversary and transition of GMs. However, I still want to do something, and so I felt that original gathering ceremony I proposed would work well in its place. I find that it is a chance for us to get in touch with our roots as Jedi, and also mark the start of a new era for the Silver Jedi Order as we reaffirm our commitment to serving the galaxy as humble protectors.

I'm thinking the basic story track would have the SJO party land on Illum, connect with our IE friends at their fortress, go do some collecting and exploration, and finally return to the fortress for a small party at the end. My personal story here will be gathering a new crystal for my second lightsaber, and also helping my apprentices find theirs. I welcome our Knights and Masters to also join us as well, even if you have no interest in participating in the crystal gathering yourselves.

I may also have a side story go up about looking into conservation efforts with Kiribian scientists looking to reverse the effects of centuries of strip mining. Their specialty is in terraforming, skilled as the Vong.

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