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Andreas Wintergreen


The Artist
BIRTH NAME: Sih'See O'Hara
ALIAS: Bloodknight
RANK: Rogue Knight
SPECIES: Firrerreon
AGE: 42 (Is genetically 22)
HEIGHT: 5'7"
WEIGHT: 215lbs
EYES: Silver
HAIR: Jet Black dreads with streaks of Silver
SKIN: Golden-Bronze with Silver scar markings

+He Can See You: Though a chemical accident has rendered his vision black and white, he possesses membranes over his eyes that protect them from bright light, debris and allow him to see into the ultraviolet range of the spectrum.
+He Can Hear You: His race comes equipped with ears that hear well into the upper spectrum
+He Can Bench Press You: Easily. Even without the force, Andreas is simply superhuman in strength. A relatively weak and starved member of his race could overpower a full grown man. Just imagine what Andreas, a Firrerreo at the peak of his physical perfection, can do to you.
+Ain't Got Time To Bleed: He also has a rapid healing factor that heals minor wounds in seconds and major ones in hours. He can even shrug off a blaster bolt as long as you don't blast his head off.
+He Bites: Highly developed canines allow him to rend flesh easily. Be careful.
+He's Easy On The Eyes: As a Firrerreo, his skin is gold (golden-bronze in Andreas's case) and it scars silver. He looks better after a fight than you do after five hours in a mirror. His hair is naturally two-toned (not hair dye, you wannabes).
-Mega Metabolism: Firrerreo metabolism requires high levels of protein. Andreas even more so in order to keep his body as cut and physically fit as it is.
-Wild Language: He and his race is prone to animal like behavior like deep growls, snarls, bearing teeth and howling. While this may sound like a cool attribute, it would actually be quite awkward in most situations. Especially since most people in the galaxy don't go around snarling and growling like they have rabies.
-Headstrong Headache: Andreas, like his race, is ridiculously independent. Add to that Andreas's personality and you get someone who will never ask for help. Ever.

+The Determinator: If given a contract or any other reason to kill someone (and to him, there are many), he will not stop until said person is dead. After all, he's got a reputation to uphold.
-/+Devout Matukai: While there's nothing stopping him from using the force for telekinesis and shooting lightning and such, but that's not really his style. He'd much rather stick to punching hard enough to turn a man's skull to pudding and running fast enough to keep up with a speeder.
-/+Blood Knight: He fights for blood. He fights completely offensively and does not abandon skill, per se, but does abandon much of his defense. His power, skill and healing factor easily get to his head as well as his compulsion to show his superiority. When he fights, it's all about making the opponent bleed and hurt as much as possible. He will take punches, kicks even blaster bolts as long as he gets to drag the cool edge of his blade through your throat and watch the blood come rushing out.
-A Jerkass: Being on the worse end of people who come hailing from a planet called Hellgotha, a sociopathic serial killer wouldn't call Andreas nice. He's rude, conceited, politically incorrect, conceited, misogynistic (as in the real definition of the word to a tee), arrogant, conceited and just an all around mean person. He also has a pretty high opinion of himself over others. Not that he is without cause, but still...
-Special Eyes: A chemical accident involving chemicals and blood being splashed into his eyes (long story, see History) left him with a unique world view. He can no longer see colors. His world is black and white and dreary shades of gray. The silver lining: he sees blood in full color for some reason. Not just red or blue or whatever color blood happens to come from the victim, but the full spectrum of colors moving and blending beautifully into each other. He will literally go insane if he doesn't shed any blood.
-The Rumplestiltskin Effect: Andreas Wintergreen is a name he made up for himself. His real name is Si'See (pronounced "sissy" O'Hana). Andreas is Galactic Basic for strong and manly. Si'See is Firrerreo for weak and effeminate. Why was he named that? Because his parents hated him, that's why. Case in point: if you ever call him this, he will make sure to pummel you flat as the ground you're soon to be lying on.

A Very Knife Person: Get it? No? His weapon of expertise is a knife. The first weapon he picked up to survive growing up in the streets of a wretched hive of scum and villainy x10? A knife. As a kid, they've put food on his plate and money in his purse and frankly, he's grown quite a fondness and affinity for them. Once he supplements his knife fighting skills with his plethora of martial arts, ruthlessness and lust for blood, there are very few who could measure up to his fighting prowess.
Slugslinger: As in slugthrowers. As he is more of a knife guy, love for this type of weapon didn't really emerge until after the chemical accident. Utilizing the force to boost his aim and strength, he can fire accurately with the highest calibers. With these babies, he can paint walls with people a mile away.
Martial Artist: To the max. This guy loves to fight and has literally made an art out of drawing as much blood as possible from his enemies. He'll never tell you this, but insecurity is mostly what drove Andreas to be as skilled as he is now. Coming up right behind that is the will to survive in such a hostile planet as Hellgotha.
  • As a Matukai, his own body is the focus of his force abilities. He may use the force to simultaneously boost his every physical attribute beyond their limits. He is immune to most poisons, can easily evade blaster fire, can function at full capacity for hours on end, easily discern bodily injuries and have complete control over his body temperature. He uses these abilities to aid his other martial arts
  • Stava is a deadly martial art that Andreas incorporates the joint locks, nerve pinches and swift, deadly strikes of into his fighting style. As the art focuses on speed and endurance, it adds further to his agility. It is from this art he learned to use the fighting sickle and spin-blades
  • Teras Kasi is all about control of one's body. It grants him incredible speed without use of the force and an immunity to psychic attacks.
  • Gand Martial Arts is something he merely picked two techniques up from once he watched a Gand Findsman do their dirty work. He learned an attack that can punch through armor if he winds it up enough and a technique for getting into your opponent's guard
  • Shockboxing is in the same boat as the art above. He was able to watch a few professional matches and train to mimic the fighting style, adding it to his own.

Growing up on the chaotic prison planet of Hellgotha, Andreas picked up the local slang. It doesn't much differ from Galactic Basic, but certain words are replaced with ones of Hellgothic origin. These include, but are not limited to the words listed below and their meanings.
  • Grip = General term for firearms like blasters or pistols
  • Mook = An insignificant or completely worthless person
  • Bastich = A common expletive. An insult that translates to "fatherless female dog", but means nothing. It is simply a biting insult
  • Kin = A word used by Andreas in the same fashion anyone else would use "bub" or "bro". Only, it doesn't mean anything friendly when he says it.

Ion Blaster
S-110 Particle Beam Interceptor
Sonic Blaster x2
Vibro Dagger x2
Various Grenades
San-Ni Staff
Force Pike
Practical Suit
VT Grav Gloves
VT Shark Skin
Bloodwalker boots
Warden Cloak
Bodo Bass Gunbelt
Glistaweb Attire
Reactive Lacquer
Tarentatek leather cuffs

CR92a Assassin-class Corvette

To be revised

Too lazy to list

Too lazy to list