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And Again I have to Make A Statement: ATTENTION ALL INQUISITORS!

Mirien Valdier

Ice Queen
It has come to my attention that there are some problems that I am here to address. Now, I've said this in our skype chat before ... and Now clearly I must to say it again. There is a fine line between fun cruelty that is the Inquisition, to being an asshat. A big difference between messing around OOCLY to taking that to IC levels. A lot that is said in chats is said in jest, fun, goofing off...... It is NOT meant to be taken literally as some have.

Now to be very clear, cause this is frankly ticking me off. If you've got ideas about inquisition, tech you want to add before you make it 'law' for the love of all that is holy speak with me! I'm ALWAYS on skype, even though I appear offline. That is done to avoid some personal problems in my life and avoid people I don't wish to speak to save on my terms. Even if I am not at the computer I will answer your message or question the first chance I get when I am back at the keyboard. PLEASE TALK TO ME! Don't run around assuming I'm okay with something, ask. Otherwise, assume ... It makes an ass out of u and me.

Don't be overzealous. Don't go fething overboard because I've gotten complaints about things going too far. And I'm tired of it. I'm stressed, I'm sick, I've got so much going on it's not funny. This on top of it, makes me an unhappy camper.

This is my baby, inquisition. This is something I've ran for over a year now on not just one but two boards. There is much going on that I don't like, much that is ticking me off. We are pushing folks out in the current behaviors. So this is the only warning you will get, TONE IT DOWN. The consequences will be most severe if I have to talk about this again.

One more thing in regards to control tech: Control Tech that kills, is optional, and requires the consent of the player it gets placed in. Period. Control Tech that is non lethal, does not require consent. Making this rule, because there has been a complaint to me about it.

And again if you choose to make tech for the Inquisition, and post it in this forum for the faction to see @mention me as I don't always get around to checking the tech forum as I LOATHE making it. It's not fun to me so often I do not read the submissions and such that are up for faction review. At the VERY least, make sure and speak with me about it first so that I can make sure it fits with the direction I wish to take the Inquisition in.

Am I clear ladies and gentlemen?

Teynara Jeralyr

Resident Sig Lord
Personally, I never understood what was wrong with a good old-fashioned lightsaber (carefully concealed so as not to be obvious, naturally!), and the Force powers we naturally wield that others within Atrisian space do not. If that alone isn't sufficient, what is?

Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
There are advantages to having anti force user weapons that do not reveal an inquisitor's true nature, but when the gloves come off hard to beat a good lightsaber and some heavy objects. Just ask Siobhan.

Mirien Valdier

Ice Queen
THANK YOU Tirdarius, you get it! That is what Inquisition is supposed to be.

A simple concealed lightsaber, and the person concealed within a cover branch of the government to hide what they are.

It's gotten way too far off the mark of what I had hoped and planned for with Inquisition.