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Anastacia Fa'leen (WIP)

Anastasia Panteer

Duchess, House Panteer
NAME: Anastascia Fa'leen
RANK: Noble
AGE: 24
SEX: Female
EYES: dark brown
HAIR: dark brown
SKIN: creamy peach
FORCE SENSITIVE: not force sensitive.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

She is afraid of letting down her family.
She has a brilliant mind and shows it, speaks her mind when she should listen.
She is not afraid to take a step into the unknown.
Shes afraid of what secrets are in her family's closets.

5'8, long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She walks with her head held high a sign of all the ettiquette classes she's had to take over the years. Her mother a stickler for making all the right appearances.

Daughter of Lisbeth Panteer, and Rolf Fa'leen. The rebuilding of Alderaan falls to the noble Houses that once existed, those families that were fortunate enough to have survivors made their way back and began to rebuild the society that once existed. House Panteer the house of the great kings and queens of Alderaan has risen once more,

Ana the eldest daughter must make peace with all the Houses, she must find a way to unite them together under one banner. All of the nobles must find a way to make Alderaan properous, and standing at the center this small frail looking girl, of prim and proper birth stands waiting for it to devour her. How will she unite them, how will she bring trade, she will have to turn to the Senator from Alderaan.

Her mother however has different plans, plans that include making Ana Queen one day and then using her iron rule over her daughter but to what end is not known. It is not to the benefit of her daughter, but perhaps the prestige of her house, of her long line. It is very hard to say.

Ana seeks a simpler life the constant preening and political correctness have left her feeling isolated. She would be happy married to a farmer, but again her mother has other plans. Those plans are surrounded by making an alliance one that would bring more power to her. Ana however is at the mercy of her mother until such a time she either rebels, or marries.

Flag of House Panteer​


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